• The New Overwatch Map, Petra, sports a jump pad and a destructable environmental element
  • The map is of the Deathmatch Mode, to support the Deathmatch Competitive Season
  • The map will release with the Overwatch Anniversary Event later in the week

The Overwatch Anniversary Event will come with a new Deathmatch Map, Petra, announced by Blizzard through a Development Update Video last week – here’s what we covered.

Over the weekend however, the new map got its own trailer, which was posted onto YouTube by the Overwatch team. Here it is.

It’s an interesting design – it’s great to see Blizzard has stuck consistently to its bright colour pallet, but this Deathmatch map comes with a twist.

In the centre of the map, there’s a massive health pack, but it’s surrounded by walkable ground that’s easily destructed. This sounds like it’s going to create an interesting dynamic for Deathmatch fights, for which this map is intended.

The map will also see the return of Jump Pads to the mix. Originally introduced with Oasis, jump pads will be making a return with Petra, as shown in the video. Rejoice, all you Pogo-Bastions.

Coupled to this map will be the Deathmatch Competitive Season, which will give players the ability to duke it out on Petra and Chateau Gillard, the two dedicated Deathmatch Maps, for Competitive Points and SR.

The Anniversary Event will kick off Tomorrow for Aussies. Get absolutely hyped.

And for all you Skin-aholics, there was a mega leak over the weekend for all of the new skins. Here’s a link to the Imgur Gallery.

Happy anniversary to all the Overwatch players.

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