As PS4’s Spider-Man is nearing the corner, one of his fellow iconic characters is making an appearance in one of the highly anticipated game’s DLC. Here is what you need to know about Black Cat appearing in the DLC known as ‘The Heist’.

First, while the trailer is only 30 seconds long, there are bits of information you can take to your mind as you pick up this game. Felicia Hardy is the true name of the person behind Black Cat’s Mask. For all you Marvel Comics fans, it probably is hardly a surprise but it is a welcome addition to the game.

Second, this DLC is available for download on the PSN for $9.99US or if you want to save a bit of cash; $24.99US for all three DLCs including this one. The Heist will include not only Black Cat but a number of features such as extra missions and additional Spider-Man suits. Details for other DLCs has yet to be revealed except for their name which is Turf Wars and Silver Lining, released on November and December respectively.

Source: Playstation

Finally, the release date of this DLC will be on the October the 23rd. This should give plenty of content as developers will continue to provide a number of goodies. While the two other DLCs rough release dates have been revealed, it is subject to change. The details are still in the dark about those DLCs but if The Heist were any indication; then it is likely we will see some more iconic characters in the Spider-Man universe and by extension, the Marvel Universe.

That being said, the reception of the trailer is overwhelmingly positive, but there are concerns made by the community. Some of the comments included how DLC details were being released before the base game was even released. Though they are in the minority, it is of interest why the marketing for Spider-Man DLC would be revealed before the main game.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Heist DLC? What are some of the characters you’ll hope to see in the coming DLCs? Let us know in the comments!

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