Via Nicalis, Inc. on YouTube

  • Cult Indie Title ‘The Binding of Isaac’ has received a major update – ‘The Forgotten Booster’
  • The update ranges from mod items to new rooms
  • The Update will be rolled out on all Platforms, but no date has been announced.

Indie Game ‘The Bind of Isaac’ has received a major content release with ‘The Forgotten Booster’ Update.

The game rose to critical acclaim and achieved a cult Indie following after its release in 2011 through its presence on YouTube. Internet personalities like Pewdiepie and STAR_ were reasons for the games success.

With the release of this major content package, we can see that the creative team behind the Binding of Isaac is willing to support the Trial and Error Rogue-like game into its Seventh Year.

A Blog Post on the Binding of Isaac website says ‘this booster features a large number of little bits and pieces and a few big chunks if you dig around a bit…’ From what’s being said, there’s a HEAP of new content.

Via The Binding of Isaac on Steam

The Update includes 8 New Items, 5 New Enemy Types, A new Boss, 64 New Achievements (36 of which are from the Nintendo Switch Version), an 817 New Rooms.

What’s extra juicy about the Binding of Isaac’s new content is that a wealth of it is made by community contributors. You can check out the full list on the official post.

The Update also comes with ‘literally 100s of fixes and improvements’.

Strangely, the update will not be coming to Platforms other than PC until further notice. The Blog Post discusses previous booster updates, syaing ‘booster 4 and 5 are being ported to console. im not sure when they will release but they will! stay tuned’.

No matter what, it’s great to see the Binding of Isaac still being supported into 2018.