Bethesda is still keeping us waiting as we stand by

Yesterday, Bethesda Game Studios dropped a hint at an announcement that could be coming at E3 in 2 weeks.

The ominous tweet telling us to ‘please stand by’ is in reference to the Fallout game series. This variation of the loading screen, however, has not been featured in any previous Fallout games. What this could mean is coming though, is not yet known. Could it be a Fallout 5? Or maybe a remake of a previous Fallout title? Maybe even a port to the Nintendo Switch? This of course is all currently speculation until Bethesda makes an official announcement. On the 10 year anniversary of Fallout 3, we are hoping it could be something big. Bethesda is keeping its mouth shut for now so we will have to continue to stand by.

To make us even more intrigued (or frustrated, I haven’t decided yet) is the Twitch stream that has been running since this teaser was posted. The stream has consisted of the same loading screen from the tweet, accompanied by the vault boy. However, that’s it, we got some hand puppet dabbing earlier in the stream but now the vault boy is just sleeping.

Bethesda stream Please Stand By
Bethesda stream Please Stand By. Source: Twitch

It has been several hours of essentially nothing happening on this stream and yet there are tens of thousands of viewers. We may not know anything more until E3 comes around in which the Bethesda showcase is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th at 6:30 pm PT. This will be on Monday, June 11th at 11:30 am AEST for us in Australia.

We are still standing by Bethesda, your move.