EA debuted a new reveal trailer for Battlefield V, detailing the new World War Two setting. They also revealed a heap of new changes that looks to freshen up the Battlefield gameplay. The first thing that sticks out in the new trailer is the significantly lighter tone. Following Battlefield 1’s bleak depiction of The Great War’s horrors, this trailer reveals humour, over the top action and colour. Dice has depicted stronger characters in the trailer, compared to the nameless victims of WW1. This includes a hook handed female sniper and a quick witted beret wearing commando. The trailer seamlessly transitions from cinematic to gameplay, showing off the impressive graphics. It’s hectic, with explosions, gunfire and destruction littering the screen. Compared to Battlefield 1’s amazing “Seven Nation Army” reveal trailer, this new trailer is a little cluttered. This might be indicative of Dice’s new approach with the series.

Gameplay changes

During the reveal stream, Dice discussed the many gameplay changes coming to Battlefield V. EA are completely changing how their content is delivered. There will be a single-player war stories mode, co-op mode called Combined Arms, and multiplayer. The launch locations are France, Africa and Rotterdam and North Africa desert with all DLC launching for free. Here’s a list of the other big changes.

Attrition System

  • The new Attrition System will change how the game controls
  • Health is depleted in stages and won’t heal back to full health, just the closest stage
  • Ammo and grenades are more scarce, but there are more ways to resupply ammo
  • Every action in the game requires a player interact and animation for things like medkits, spotting, ammo, ledge grabbing
  • Anyone can do a squad revive but medics’ revive animation is a lot quicker
  • Players can call for teammates revives like in the trailer
  • Bodies can be dragged and ragdolled, affecting the environment
  • Crouch sprinting has replaced dolphin diving
  • Players can catch, thrownback or shoot enemy grenades
  • Players can tow in-game vehicles, including turrents and AA guns, to move them across the battlefield
  • Players can dive in all directions


  • Players can build fortifications like sandbags, tank stoppers and trenches
  • The support class builds faster and can build more items, like machine guns and field cannons
  • There are predetermined structures that can be rebuilt, such as flags or destroyed buildings
  • Players can burst through windows without having to first destroy them
  • Explosion now propel debrief both in and out of buildings depending on the explosion
  • Tanks slowly destroy buildings if they drive into them, not instantly


  • New emphasis on squad play, placing players instantly in a squad when they join
  • Squad spawning system has been updated, displaying a third person view of teammates to spawn on before the tactical menu
  • Squads accumulate points so the squad leader can make “squad call-ins”, like V1 or JB2 rockets, supply drops or vehicle spawns
Source: Dice


  • Four classes are back: assault, medic, scout, support. Behemoths and Elites are gone
  • Soldiers are highly customisable, from things like gender, face look, face paint, outfit, accessories, etc. Cosmetic items and microtransactions are replacing paid DLC
  • Class archetypes are options that tailor classes to specific situations, like an assault that specialises in anti-tank or anti-infantry
  • Rare archetypes called exotics such as a recon paratrooper, stealthy short-range behind enemy lines person who uses a suppressed SMG and silent gadgets like pistols and garrotes comes with silent footsteps and throwing knives, can be unlocked but Dice assured players it won’t be “pay to win”
  • Archetypes and Specialisations are earnt through playing the class
  • Players have a company, which is essentially the players collection of customised soldiers


  • Gunplay is very different
  • No more visual recoil, recoil is specific to each weapon allowing players to master their favourite gun
  • Bullets penetrate through thin wood, sheet metal, walls
  • Bipods are easier to use and setup
  • Large, non-fatal explosions can knock a player over

For the full stream and details, click here.

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