Overwatch Baptiste

Overwatch has added its 30th hero to the roster, Baptiste, who is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Baptiste is an elite combat medic that uses his assault weapons to annihilate the enemy team while supporting his teammates with a mixture of projectiles and abilities.

Baptiste’s main weapon is a Biotic Launcher that fires in a three-round burst. The weapon has severe recoil but can deal significant damage. The launcher can also turn into a healing device that lobs projectiles which heal teammates close to the impact. Players will have to adapt to the sporadic nature of the weapon in order to use it effectively both in an assault and support capacity.

Overwatch Baptiste 1

Baptiste’s passive ability is his Exo Boots. If you have played any Mario game, you’ll get the gist. When he crouches on the ground and jumps, Baptiste will launch high-up into the air. This ability can be used to counter enemy abilities that block certain areas of the map or he can wreak havoc from the sky.

His two abilities are Immortality Field and Regenerative Burst. The Immortality Field is a device that creates an area of effect that prevents teammates from dying if they enter it. The Immortality Field in itself is not immortal as enemy players can destroy the generator and cancel the ability. 

Overwatch Baptiste

The Regenerative Burst heals Baptiste and any teammates that are nearby overtime. This can be used when your team is making a push and have met heavy resistance or they are defending an area and are overwhelmed.

His ultimate ability is the Amplification Matrix, which sounds like something out of a 90s sci-fi movie. The matrix takes advantage of Baptiste’s role as combat medic by doubling the damage and healing effects of any friendly projectiles that pass through it. If it is activated when the enemy team are clustered together or are on a tight corridor/choke point, this ultimate could easily turn the tide of a battle. Enemy players can avoid being on the wrong side of the matrix if they are in an open space.

Overwatch Baptiste

Baptise seems like a well-balanced hero that could have an interesting effect on team composition in Overwatch. His abilities could easily disrupt a match but also have their vulnerabilities and can be avoided.

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