Image Via Ubisoft

  • Animus Control Panel Now Available for PC Players
  • The Free Update allows players to Modify the Game Experience
  • The Modding is within up to 70 parameters, including playable character, assassination abilities and running speed

An Update for Assassins Creed Origins launched today for PC Players at 5:20 AEST, bringing a new gameplay feature – the “Animus Control Panel”, a game modification tool that allows players to modify parameters of the game.

The Update is free, and is exclusive to PC versions of the game. It is to be announced whether or not the update will be put onto consoles with a later update.

The Animus Control Panel allows for players to modify elements of the game to tone the game down or up in different fields, being to make the experience harder, more god-modded or more of a traditional assassins creed title.

Several of the Animus Control Panel modifiers include the ability to modify and scale run speed, Attacking strength and underwater breathing, however there are specific dials to the Control Panel. Players are given the option to change their player character, such as to Aya or faction specific guards and soldiers. Users of the Control Panel are also given the choice to enable one-hit kills, which were removed from the series with Origins.

The system also allows for modifications of the game to be shared with the community and played by other players.

The system is similar to previous alternate features in Assassin’s Creed Games, such as in Assassin’s Creed 3 and IV, where completing challenges in the game would unlock God-Modding effects, such as extra damage and lightning strikes upon successful chain-kills, however no previous entry has tackled game modification as intensive as Assassin’s Creed Origins has.

A free DLC is always welcome, especially one that can change up the dynamic of the game.