The contents of Assassin’s Creed Origins season pass have all been dated, with the first pack coming less than 3 months after the game’s release. It’ll set you back $59.95 (AUD) and consists of the following:

The Hidden Ones – Releases : January 23rd

This pack raises the level cap to 45 and contains a new epilogue story set in an added region of the map called Sinai. It follows Bayek four years after his journey, in a battle against the Romans occupying the new area. You’ll also have access to exclusive mounts, weapons, crafted gear and a new outfit. The Hidden Ones is actually already finished though, as some players discovered earlier today when they were able to download it following the game’s recent patch. This has since been taken down, however.

Discovery Tour – Releases : February 20

Perfect for your degree in… brain extraction techniques?

The Discovery Tour is a bonus game mode separate from the season pass, coming as a free patch to gamers signed up to Uplay and/or Steam. It turns the game into an educational experience, taking away combat and allowing players to immerse themselves in the Egyptian setting and culture. It’ll also be available as a standalone purchase in a bid to be more accessible for educators and students.

The Curse of the Pharaohs –  Releases : March 6

The second and final piece of the season pass expands the story further, adding Thebes to the game where Bayek will encounter reanimated dead pharaohs and mythical Egyptian figures. There’ll also be added outfits, weapons and gear in line with this story – and Bayek will be able to reach level 55.

While it’s pretty bizarre for level cap paywalls to be anywhere other than an MMORPG, it’s nice to see open-world games attempt to penetrate the educational market. Will you be forking out for these extra Egypt adventures, or waiting for the next game in the series?

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