Ads can be a powerful tool for companies to get the word out about new products, recently there have been two ads that caught my eye while browsing through the internet. Two beloved SEGA series may be coming to mobile devices, as noticed by Radiant Emerald on Twitter. Facebook Ads started popping up for ChuChu Rocket! Mobile and Team Sonic Racing Mobile. I am yet to see these particular ads in my own news feed, but a few others have been confirming their existence.

Sonic the Hedgehog has had many promotional games on mobile in the recent past. Most of them, endless runners, with the most recent being an endless runner themed after Sonic Forces. At this time, the links attached to ads supposedly take you to the SEGA Section of the App Stores as the games are not available to play as of yet. It’s possible that Team Sonic Racing Mobile will be another endless runner (with the character models in cars) on the standard three lanes, however, it could also be a genuine lite version of a racing simulator, little is known at this time.

As mentioned previously, the Dreamcast Classic, ChuChu Rocket also seems to be coming to mobile, this version is quite different from the classic flat staged Dreamcast version and it’s Gameboy Advance Port. This version of the game takes place on a round-edged spherical stage, though from the limited screenshots provided, it looks like the gameplay will still be the same. Much like the Team Sonic Racing Mobile game, very little is known about this unreleased app and I’ll be following it’s progress as time goes on.

Two loved classics, one that hasn’t been seen since the early 2000’s and one a spin-off of a 1994 game, both coming to mobile in the near future – no doubt pleasing SEGA fans worldwide. Once again, thanks to Radiant Emerald for posting photos of the ads just in case the ads get pulled down until the games are ready for release. I’ll be sure to pick both games out when they come out, but only time will tell if they will live up to their legacy games.