An unreleased Dreamcast game was recently found and dumped for online preservation on The Hidden Palace very recently, and the game featured is one that the community was unaware of. It’s always exciting to see prototypes and early dumps (such as the elusive Agartha and Ecco the Dolphin: Sentinels of the Universe) which as available online to download and play on an actual Dreamcast, but sadly are very early builds and not much can be done within them. With this dump, The Internet Game Pack is either completed or very close to complete, with all modes other than the online mode playable. The Internet Game Pack was originally developed by Visual Concepts sometime in 2001, and is thought to be a planned freebee disc to be given away in a Dreamcast Magazine- though no further information is present.

Visual Concepts are best known for their sports titles on the Dreamcast, such as 2K and 2K2 series, but what I know them most for is Ooga Booga and Floigan Bros., two action styled games. Incredibly, the internet code infrastructure seems to be very similar to the Floigan Bros. thanks to major help by PCWzrd of the DreamcasticChannel, so it is very possible that in the near future, we’ll have an online playable version of The Internet Game Pack. The games included are Poker, Dominoes, Reversi, Spades, Go and Chess – although not amazing games by themselves, they still are from an unreleased game with some rather impressive assets and Easter eggs hidden in the game- and once it’s put back online, I’m sure it’ll be a favorite to many who wish to have a casual early 2000’s online board game experience. Once again, a big thank you to The Hidden Palace and to PCWzrd for alerting me to the new release. If you would like to download a copy of the prototype, you can do so right here. Just keep in mind that it’s currently a GDI rip, so you might need to wait for an auto-boot ROM that should be made available in the near future thanks to the incredible people in the Dreamcast community.