Tommy Tallarico, legendary music composer and creator of Video Games Live, has set out to make a brand new family friendly console- the Intellivision Amico, an all digital, budget console with no games rated over E10 (PG, for us Aussies.) One of the most memorable games that Tommy had worked on is Earthworm Jim, a massive nostalgia trip for most 90’s kids. Earthworm Jim is a classic run and gun platformer that’s well known for it’s wacky humor and very 90’s attitude and has since been released for many systems since it’s debut- and even had a spin off TV Show with Homer Simpson’s voice actor, Dan Castellaneta, providing the voice for Jim. In a long awaited length of time, Tommy has recently announced on Twitter, that he’s bringing Earthworm Jim 3 exclusively to his own console, the Intellivision Amico, with ten of the main staff from the original game working on it.

Source: Earthworm Jim 3 Press Concept Document

This news is sure to shock more 90’s kid into at least following the project, if not making a purchase as I’m sure Earthworm Jim was a staple of many people’s collections and a gem among other for many. Very little is known about the project other than the core staff and the platform it will eventually reside on, however I have nothing but an open mind, as Tommy hasn’t failed any one of his major projects yet – in recent memory. I, for one, am ready to jump back into the space suit and get shooting cows and rabid dogs at a moments notice and can’t wait to find out what the game will have in store for me. More information is set to be announced on 12:00pm, May 4th, Pacific Time on all video social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, so tune in to those platforms if you want to know more about Earthworm Jim 3 and the Intellivision Amico.