Image Credit: Giant Margarita

One of the great things about PAXAUS is that it allows people who may otherwise never have the chance to meet, to do just that. This year, thanks to PAXAUS, Gamers Classified was able to speak with Ian Lewis, Head Designer for Party Crashers from Giant Margarita. Party Crashers is a highly customisable racing game which is available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In our interview, Lewis discusses what someone’s customisation choices says about their personality, and how Party Crashers can be used as a fun dispute resolution tool. For the full interview, please see the video below.

Lewis & Co were inspired by all the racing games that have come before, from the Atari 2600 right up to more modern racing titles. Their contribution to this genre is one title to rule them all and in the frames per second, bind them. Because Party Crashers is so highly customisable, the game can be modified to resemble a traditional arcade racing game, a split screen experience or something completely new and unique.

Party Crashers also addresses the existential question of ‘what does winning mean to you’. This is because it allows players to define what is deemed as winning in their game. If you thought that winning in a racing game could only mean being first over the line, then think again.  And if the ‘finish line’ is customisable, then it stands to reason that the journey to the finish line is customisable too. Players can choose how the track looks, what obstacles are included and what happens when a player dies in-game. This sounds like a lot of work for the developers but as they say, hard work pays off. The team have previously won the Most Indecisive Developers (far too many options) Award. Yes, really. I says so here.


Giant Margarita know how to draw a crowd. Image Credit: Giant Margarita

Party Crashers may also replace the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator as a way of gauging someone’s personality. In the digital age, manual tasks such as getting to know someone over coffee are becoming obsolete. Instead, we should play a few games of Party Crashers instead and keep an eye one each other’s customisations. As the saying goes, give a man a mask and he will show his true face. Lewis’s sage advice is that personalities who drop bricks on others (in-game or IRL) should be avoided at all costs.

Just because you’ve died doesn’t mean you can’t still influence the game. Players who wipe can still participate by placing mines on the track. Image Credit: Giant Margarita

For more information about Party Crashers, and to discuss your newly discovered personalty type, please visit the Giant Margarita Discord Server. The server includes a weekly developer stream and a personal ad section. Okay, maybe I made that last part up. In all seriousness, the discord server also allows people to give their feedback and suggestions on the latest projects, many of which have made it into previous titles. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your copy of Party Crashers today and take the personality test that truly understands you.