The Resident Evil 2 One-Shot Demo has proves the value of taking risks in marketing

If you haven’t heard of the highly talked-about One-Shot Demo of the Resident Evil 2 remake, it’s causing a stir in the gaming industry. Capcom, the developer of Resident Evil 2, took a risk in developing a demo of the game that came with a thirty minute timer and could only be played once.

Leaving players with an exhilarating and tense thirty minutes of gameplay, this may be one of the smartest marketing strategies of the gaming industry in 2019. Whether or not you enjoy the fact that it can only be played once, to Capcom’s credit, it has definitely left players wanting much more.

Check out the trailer for the demo below:

One of the reasons why the demo has caused such a high level of excitement for the full version of Resident Evil 2 is due to the considerably low success rate of the demo. While over 1.4 million players have attempted the demo, only 400,00 have successfully completed it within the small amount of time given.

That mean less than thirty per cent of those who attempt the demo manage to complete it.

With such a little success rate, who wouldn’t be left wanting more?

Admittedly, there have been mixed reviews on the use of the one-chance nature of the demo, particularly due to the strict time-limit with which the gameplay is to be completed.

A few sources have described the demo’s gameplay as ‘frustrating’. Techspot described the execution of the demo as a “gimmicky and stingy” – A harsh, but somewhat true comment on behalf of Techspot.

If you’re not sure whether you want to try it out for yourself, or if you tried and wasn’t one of the lucky ones who succeeded, check out the full playthrough:

While it may be true that the One-Shot Demo is somewhat gimmicky in it’s nature, I can’t say that this is a fault of Capcom’s. Whether or not you like the nature of the demo, it’s hard to deny that it’s stirred attention.

If you want to experience the thrill of the One-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2 for yourself, it is available for play on Playstation 4, Xbox One X and PC. If you’re keen to try it for yourself, make sure you test it out before the demo disappears for good on January 31st.

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