When will you learn… that your actions have consequences?” – The one quote that’s be shared around countless times from Sammy the Classic Sonic Fan, a teenager who was angry at the Sonic fan base… but after his disappearance, where did he go? Sammy blew up on the internet with his rant videos that he posted to YouTube when they were shared around 4Chan, but things went from fun and games to disaster very quickly. Though it’s rather obvious that his rants were exaggerated takes on his thoughts of the topics he covered, the internet took it a too far and started to harass Sammy and his family when all of his personal information was leaked onto the internet and they started to get prank calls and threats. Sammy previously game back a few years ago with a completely different style of video that was a researched analysis style, but sadly, due to complications, Sammy once again left his channel and it has since been terminated. But where is he now?

After many hiatus’ and returns, Sammy seems to be here to stay in his newest incarnation ‘The Imperishable Sammy Zenith’. Sammy, now 20 years old, posts a mixture of his old ‘Classic Sonic Fan’ persona, and also more slice of life content – such as let’s plays and life updates. Sammy currently has a decent fan base that seem to be a lot more appreciative of his work and have come to be more understanding of his persona as a persona. Hopefully Sammy is here to stay this time, and if it’s been a while since you’ve heard his name or seen him around YouTube, you can keep up with him on his current social media. You can follow future updates about Sammy on the The Imperishable Sammy Zenith YouTube or on Sammy’s Instagram, where he regularly posts.