Each year, hundreds of games are released to the gaming community. Behind the scenes, even more games get planned and announced, but are then never released. We decided to list some of the games we heard about, but never played, as we count through some of the most promising games that fell under the axe.

In current news, the major collapse of Telltale Games has captured the attention of the gaming community and with more news being released about their ever-shrinking company, it seems that they’re projects will be shelved. Among these is the final series of The Walking Dead, the Stranger Things gaming series and the second series of The Wolf Among Us. 

This released footage of Telltale’s, Stranger Things, may be all we ever see of the game.

But with the news of Telltale Games likely unfinished projects fresh in all of our minds, here are some of the other games that were never released, that you might remember hearing about:

Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah was an ambitious project from the start. Developed by Atomic Games, the title sparked controversy when the news broke of it’s development in 2009. The title was supposed to be a First-Person Shooter based off the real second battle in Fallujah of the Iraq War – it was the bloodiest battle of the whole war.

Conceptual gameplay of Six Days in Fallujah

The game was intended to take place from the perspective of the US Marines that were involved in the warfare. However, the controversy that erupted over the title halted development. In 2012, Atomic Games President said that the title was “not cancelled”.

Prey 2

Prey 2 was intended to be the sequel to the original Prey title, released back in 2006. The space-themed FPS seemed promising, and a sequel was planned immediately after the release of the first game, however the development of the sequel was held for many years.

Bethesda announced that they would uphold the development of the game in 2011, for a release of the title in 2012. However, in 2014 it was announced, after many years of uncertainly, that the title was officially cancelled due it not meeting the “quality standard” of their other games.

If you want a taste of what nearly was, you can check out the demo for Prey 2 below:


Acclaimed film director, Guillermo del Toro, known for The Hobbit series, The Shape of Water and the early Hellboy movies, was working on a survival-horror title in collaboration with Volition Entertainment.

Intended to be released in 2013 as the first part of a trilogy series, inSane was determined to pioneer a new direction of gaming. When discussing the title, del Toro said his vision was to “take players to a place they have never seen before, where every single action makes them question their own senses of morality and reality”.

These are only some of the titles that are planned, announced and never seen through completion. While many gaming titles go through the same unfortunate process, some are later revived by competing companies – many are hoping for this to be the case with the currently held Telltale Games series, particularly Stranger Things and The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Whether or not we will ever see these titles, we may not know for years to come.

Lover of literature and gaming from Melbourne, I’m a massive fan of story-based gaming and how video games are quickly becoming the next great form of storytelling - Anything story-based or a good survival-horror are my absolute favourites. Currently studying Writing and Literature at Swinburne University and hoping to take it into the gaming industry.