Recently, Epic Games had offered in-game rewards to their players for enabling the Two Factor Authentication security measure for their Fortnite account. They aren’t the only organisation to have this security system, but it is time we take a look into what it is for our gaming accounts.

What is Two Factor Authentication

To put it in simple terms, Two Factor Authentication or ‘Multi-factor Authentication’ (TFA for short) is an additional layer of security that goes beyond your typical username plus password combo. The idea isn’t exactly a new concept as it had been used for more than just video games in the past. Some banks and other industries utilised this security measure to protect their clients and/or employees.

The user of this system would have access to some kind of token or app that would provide a code for them to access their account. Of course, the user will still need their user and password, but they need that token that ideally would be on them at all times. This does come with a few downsides such as easily losing the token and requiring the company to re-issue it to you.

However, the additional layer would force hackers to require more resources to access the account. What they can access from your game account could be widely varied, which comes to our next topic.

Being Vigilant

Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Epic Games and countless other gaming companies offer the TFA option for their users. It isn’t compulsory, but it is often recommended to their users and some like Epic Games would offer incentives for enabling it.

So why is it important to have TFA? A lot of video games, especially those that have a PVP ranking system of sorts (like Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch) can be prone to it for a variety of reasons. Some may use those accounts for boosting in which hackers can offer services to players for money. Others may use it to find other information for malicious reasons such as your email or other data.

Regardless, TFA may not necessarily negate your chances for being hacked, but it does minimize your chances of your account getting hacked into. Most game developers offer this service and checking to see if they have it or any other similar security measures isn’t a bad idea. Sure it may sound a little troublesome to type in a code every time you log in, but trust me, it is way better than logging in one day and realising that something has gone wrong.


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