The annual E3 event is an exciting time for gamers around the world. Developers and publishers have an opportunity to show off all of the games and tech they have been working on over the past few years. Gamers get to argue about which publisher won the event. So, everybody kind of wins?

Expectations are always high this time of year and many gamers wait in anticipation for their favourite franchise to receive a new entry. But, not everybody can get what they want. I thought it would be a fun idea to list my top five games I hope to see at E3 2018, but probably won’t be there. This list will feature a lot of horror games, so if that isn’t your jam, you should keep reading anyway.

Dead Space 4/Spiritual Successor

Dead Space
Source: Kotaku

The original Dead Space did what many games tried to do, but failed. It took the foundations created by Resident Evil 4, improved upon it while also implementing gameplay mechanics that made it unique and original. The sequel expanded upon the original, adding more weapons, a larger setting and an interesting story. The third game added cooperative play and microtransactions.

Though Dead Space 3 wasn’t inherently bad, it didn’t live up to the previous two. Also, it didn’t live up to the unreasonable sales expectations of EA. After Dead Space 3 didn’t move as many units as EA intended, the franchise was shelved and the developer, Visceral Games, was eventually closed down. I have always wanted the Dead Space story to continue. I had grown to love the characters, the lore and the universe Visceral Games created. If a new developer was put on the project, they would have big shoes to fill. But, a spiritual successor developed by the same people who worked on the original would be amazing.

Half-Life 3 

Source: Den of Geek

Half-Life is widely considered one of the greatest gaming franchises in the history of the medium. It’s up there with gaming mammoths such as Mario, Sonic, and Ride to Hell: Retribution. Upon each Half-Life’s reslease, it defined shooters for that generation and still to this day, developers try to capture the magic found in the original Half-Life and its sequel.

Half-Life 3 isn’t on my list because I really want Valve to conclude Gordon Freeman’s story. It is on my list because I am sick of hearing about it. Every time E3 approaches, the Half-Life 3 memes resurface. Initially, it was funny and sort of endearing, but now it is tired and repetitive. I want Half-Life 3 to be announced at E3 2018 so that people can finally play a game they’ve been looking forward to, and so I can browse the internet without seeing the phrase, “Gabe Newell can’t count to three.”

Resident Evil 2 HD

resident evil 2
Source: Christian Today

Go to any the social media posts from the official Resident Evil account and no matter what, there will be a large group of people posting one thing. “Where is the Resident Evil 2 HD Remake?” Announced back in late 2015, the Resident Evil 2 HD Remake has been highly anticipated by fans of the series. Unfortunately, no further details have been revealed about the title since its initial announcement.

Resident Evil 2 is highly regarded and considered by many to be one of the best titles in the franchise, as well as the survival horror genre. The idea of it being remade in HD is beyond exciting for many. Capcom has kept us waiting long enough. So, please Capcom, finally let us have a look at this game! We need it in our lives!

Anything Silent Hill Related

Silent Hills
Source: cgmagonline

There are many tragedies I have endured during my short time in this world. I’ve lost friends, family, adorable pets, and one thing that to this day, is still too painful to talk about. Silent Hills. I have never been so excited for a game in my entire life and when it was cancelled, I could not understand and it hurt. Konami. You hurt me.

Though we will never get Silent Hills in its original form, I hope we see something Silent Hill related at E3 2018. I don’t want another god damn pachinko machine or a dungeon crawler. I want a full-fledged Silent Hill title that has the love and care that Team Silent gave to their original titles. Considering Konami’s recent offerings of their beloved titles, even if a new game is announced, I am not keeping my hopes too high.

Bloodborne 2

Source: Game on Daily

If I saw the words ‘Bloodborne 2‘ splash upon my screen, I would completely freak out. My roommates are warned, expect to see myself jumping and screaming in excitement. Bloodborne is my game of the generation. It combines everything I love. Dark Souls, gothic horror, H.P Lovecraft, unconventional storytelling, and insanity as a game mechanic. It was as if the game was made specifically for me.

I want nothing more than to explore that world again. From Software are masters at creating a detailed and atmospheric world that is perfectly complemented by the engaging, but unforgiving gameplay. I know the likely hood of Bloodborne 2 being announced at E3 2018 is extremely low, but I will hold out hope and will probably be disappointed.