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Limited Run Games is a small physical media company lead by Josh Fairhurst and Doug Bogart, who have been producing limited runs (like their name implies) of video games. They originally wanted to produce Wii U titles, along with Xbox One games, however, due to high costs comparatively to Sony systems, they ended up only putting out PS4 and VITA games (until recently producing Nintendo Switch Games.) After BadLand announced the exclusive PAL Wii U physical copies of Axiom Verge, and then quietly cancelled them with no notice to retailers (some websites and stores are still taking pre-orders due to poor communication on BadLand’s part) Limited Run Games stepped in and paid $78,000 USD to help save the game as a one off Wii U release on their website. Sadly, after many delays and bad communication, again from BadLand, LRG stepped it up – currently attempting to sue BadLand for their mismanagement and failure to produce a product or refund the sum of money and went with another party to produce the physical product they had been promised, still to this day, they have not received anything from BadLand, refund or otherwise.

Source: Limited Run Games’ Website (De-listed)

On top of all of this BadLand also promised to give 75% of all sales of the game to Tom Happ to help with the medical bills of his son, Alastair Happ – who suffers from kernicterus. The whole situation is a bit fishy, with BadLand claiming they’ve had no money to refund due to poor sales of other projects, but always planned to do it. – However, this is contradicted by the slew of games they have released this year alone, which Josh of LRG has estimated to be quite a few times over what they owe in pure profit. Luis Quintans, head of BadLand, has also issued his side of the statement, but with such strong accounts against his party, it’s hard to pick his side. If you want to read the full accounts and make up your own mind (which I highly encourage you to do so, you can do so,) on GameIndustry’s website right here, or it’s follow up with accounts from Dan Adelman here. Limited Run Games eventually did make it possible, and the sale of the second attempt of the 6,000 limited Wii U physical copies went extreamly well, with a cut going to Tom and Alastair Happ – but to this day, BadLand has not produced product nor a refund.