RTX Sydney 2018 had local indie developers showcasing their games. We spoke with a few of them. Here’s our quick chat with Shadowplay Studios.

Gamers Classified: Can you tell us a little about you and the studio, please?

Jared: My name is Jared. I’m the level and story designer at Shadowplay Studios. There’s a team of five of us working together to make Projection. It’s a shadow puppet theatre game where you control the projecting light to cast shadows and you use those shadows to platform.

A charming game that makes me want to make some shadow puppets of my own.

Gamers Classified: What was the inspiration behind it?

Jared: Our lead designer, Michael, was walking through his house and there was a harsh light. He looked at the shadows it was casting as he walked passed it and the movement and thought he could make a game about that. I ran this event called a game jam where people get together and make a game in about 48 hours: he came along and prototyped an initial version it. The artist said, “hey, do that as shadow puppets!”. A few years later and we’re here with this level of polish on it.

Gamers Classified: When is it going to be available?

Jared: It’s likely to be quarter one or quarter two next year. We’re coming on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Switch.

Gamers Classified: Are you going to wrap up this game and work on another one? Or is this the main focus at the moment?

Jared: For me, I was kind of helping out every so often in the past couple of years. I’m working on it full time at the moment. I have side projects and a few other things I want to do next as well. I’m not sure what the future holds for me. We’ll see. The other team members have other projects going on as well.

Gamers Classified: Thanks man, really appreciate it!

Jared: All good! Thanks!

For more info on Shadowplay Studios and Projection, visit shadowplaystudios.com