With Halloween only a few days away, it’s a good time to think about some of the scariest enemies we’ve encountered in games. From ghosts, demons and hideous monsters, there are some enemies in games that still haunt our dreams. In honour of the October season, we looked at some of the scariest enemies we’ve seen in games.

The Clickers

The ‘Clickers’. Source: The Last of Us Wiki

The ‘Clickers’ of The Last of Us were, at times, truly terrifying. The half human, half fungus creatures haunted every corner of the game, and they seemed to get more and more inhuman as the game progressed. It will definitely be interesting to see how much worse they can get when The Last of Us 2 arrives.

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill is absolutely iconic. While the name doesn’t sound scary, the spiked head and long sword is one of Silent Hill‘s scariest images.


While the name ‘Laura’ doesn’t make the average person think of a terrifying monster, but those who have played The Evil Within will disagree. Laura was horrifying to look at and even harder to kill. Honourable mention goes to ‘The Keeper’ which was also seen in The Evil Within, pictured below:


Mimics of Dark Souls took the form of chests to lure players towards them – a creative way to hide enemies. However, they are much less fun in the damage they inflict for the adventurers who fall into their clutches.

The Witch

Hearing the cries of The Witch from Left 4 Dead spelt trouble for any player familiar with the game. It is fair to say that The Witch and Laura from The Evil Within are frightening for similar reasons with their high-pitched screams and ghostly figures – just try not to startle The Witch, as Left 4 Dead players know all too well.

The Gatherers

The Gatherers of Amnesia were absolutely horrifying. The disfigured corpse-like monsters were impossible to kill, meaning a lot of running and a lot of hiding. Sneaking around levels to and survive the monsters is not a fun memory for Amnesia players.

The Wendigo

Until Dawn took a turn halfway through the game by introducing he Wendigo’s as the main enemy of the game. Human’s turned into monstrous creatures roamed the mountain at night, and trying to keep all of the characters safe proved to be a challenge. Trying not to move the controller with the Wendigo behind you was truly one of the most terrifying moments of Until Dawn.

Honourable mentions go to the Xenomorph of Alien: Isolation, Regenerators from Resident Evil 4, the ‘walkers’ of The Walking Dead and the monstrous baby from Catherine. 

There is a special place in the back of gamers minds for their most feared enemy. Let us know which video game enemy or monster still haunts you to this day.

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