Wish Studios’ That’s You! is the first addition to PlayStation’s new PlayLink series and was officially released on July 4. That’s You! is a party quiz game where 2-6 friends can have a few laughs and potentially make things awkward by answering a series of humorous questions, snapchat-like drawing challenges and selfie look-a-like contests. All you need is your smart phone or tablet to get involved in the friendship making/breaking activities.

The most important thing about That’s You! is that it is an addition to the trivial amount of games that you can play on the couch with a group of mates. I could count the number of games PlayStation offer that you can play locally on my fingers. While my go-to local games with a bunch of buddies consist of NBA2K or Diablo III, I was happy to see this title come to fruition. I was especially excited when it was announced as a free download for PlayStation Plus members.

After the first game, you can see that That’s You! has a simple formula, which isn’t a bad thing. First it will ask you a few light-hearted questions about the players involved, then you will have to mimic an image given on screen, and lastly you will draw some sort of picture or type in an answer. With each of these challenges you have the option to bet a ‘joker’. If you guess the correct answer, you will double your points earned for that challenge. The grand finale requires each player to take a selfie and the game will dole out some sort of occupation or character that you must transform them into. Multiple players will be able to edit the selfie, giving the final round a bit more of a collective feel.


I thoroughly enjoyed playing That’s You! The music fit each scenario perfectly and I found myself chuckling at the narrator’s quips (especially compared to the guy you get in the JackBox games). The questions were enough to spur conversation and the game allows you and your friends to be as idiotic as you like without any repercussions. What was interesting is that when the game is played with two players it turns into a cooperative game. During the 2-player mode, the game counts both players scores as a single total and at the end ranks you on a friendship scale.

With the large question pool and the amicable narrator, I found myself invested in That’s You! The one downside that I did notice is that the game’s fun is heavily reliant on the creativity of the people you play with. There are a lot of drawing and selfie games that require flair and imagination, so if your friends have the creativity of a piece of carpet you may have to carry them a little. All in all, it’s a great game to play with all of you friends, even the ones that always refuse to get involved in the gaming action.

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