Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance brings the cyborg ninja Raiden back, this time in an all new action packed experience never seen in the Metal Gear franchise. Dive into a world post The Patriots and find what new conspiracies await


Set 4 years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots, PMCs have become widespread with their use spanning from government to personal army. Raiden, our resident cyborg ninja, is now working for a PMC called Maverick and when a job is sabotaged by the PMC unit Desperado, he’s forced to make a choice – walk down the path of vengeance or see the world tear up in flames.


Unlike other games in the Metal Gear franchise, where sneaking past is a must, gameplay is more orientated on action. Enemy cyborgs and Gekkos engage Raiden in melee combat requiring players to rely on swordplay and the all new Blade Mode to slice and dice through enemies. Like with other hack and slash games, Raiden has the ability to parry enemy attacks leading to some lengthy and devastating combos. Going along with his cyborg ninja looks, Raiden also possesses a “Ninja Run” where by his speed is increased allowing him to deflect bullets. However gunplay isn’t entirely thrown out the window as secondary weapons such as rocket launchers, rifles and other subweapons can be obtain throughout the course of the story.

The cyborg police squad

The game’s Blade Mode system puts players into bullet time, allowing for the cutting of enemies and objects with precision. However the use of Blade Mode drains Raiden of energy but it’s easily overcome by the Zandatsu mechanic. This allows Raiden to cut and take parts from enemies, allowing him to replenish his energy while giving him items.

A range of customisation options

Upgrades are also available for Raiden’s cybernetic body and his katana, allowing players to change their loadout based on their playstyle and mission needs.


As the game is ported from Xbox 360 and PS3, it doesn’t usually translate to good keyboard bindings. While I personally recommend a controller, as the game was originally designed for, the keyboard controls aren’t too bad either. Movement with WASD doesn’t feel clunky and neither does parrying. LMB and RMB are used for light and strong attacks and actually make for an easy and satisfying combo creation. Other keybinds are easily within reach of WASD and are rebindable for those who find the default layout maybe a bit unnatural.


The game presents a phenomenal visual experience from the well-crafted cut scenes all the way to the level design and special effects in combat. Cut scenes are a truly cinematic experience and bear the trademark of both Kojima’s fantastic director’s vision and the standard Metal Gear length. Levels are fun and exciting to explore, especially with the PC version as the environment has been given a HD treatment. Characters and enemies are also visually impressive as they give the game its unique sci-fi mecha atmosphere.

Metal Gear?!

But what stands out the most are the effects. Bright orange sparks as blades clash, the harmonious explosions in the background or even the trails of Raiden’s katana all stand out during gameplay. These neon effects create a stark contrast with the environment, making hacking and slashing your way through enemies all the more satisfying.

A clash of rivals

Music & Sound

The game’s soundtrack features plenty of amazing rocks songs that fit well with the game’s pace and action. The music completes the game. Chugging through a hard level or boss fight is never boring as there will always be music to accompany the action. Personally I even died on purpose or spent more time during boss fights just to listen to the game’s soundtrack – well, mainly for the song Rules of Nature. It’s in boss fights where the music really shines. As the fight goes on longer, the songs intensify and that’s when hard hitting chorus and electric guitar riffs and solos come in.

The game doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to voice acting. Accents are on point and give the characters a great amount of depth. And if you can’t get enough of hearing characters interact within the cutscenes, there’s the also those long codec calls that have become a series staple.


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is another example of Platinum Games’ fine works. It’s a well-crafted hack and slash that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, even those unfamiliar with the Metal Gear franchise. It’s a stylish and innovate game that uses Metal Gear lore to its advantage, giving players a hands-on experience of the franchise’s own Jack the Ripper – Raiden.

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