Slaying creatures of the night are something many of us gamers are quite familiar with. Whether we used swords, magic or guns, it always gives a bit of a rush and frankly quite fun. Damsel is a 2D action game with very simplistic outlook, but don’t let that fool you as we delve into what this game could really bring to the table.


This is a fairly straightforward game. You grab your shotgun, you blast and kick vampires and collect skulls for victory. There are also some mini-games that might be the objective of the game and it rewards you with extra points. Despite how easy is to pick up with the game, it could be very punishing as the smallest mistake will mean that you failed your attempt and you must start the stage again.

This creates a quite an enjoyable fast-paced action game that could be played casually yet be a challenge if you want to push yourself in various ways. On top of that, the simplicity opens a very quick way for players to dive into the game no matter how long they’ve been away from it.


The story is done in a very interesting way where it is narrated through a comic-strip giving it a vibe of intensity, yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Because each strip/cutscene is told in a short snippet, it doesn’t inconvenience players who aren’t interested in the story. The short and quick pace give players a bit of a break if they wish and enjoy the story of Damsel and the fight against the Red Mist corporation.

Overall, the story isn’t the most amazing thing on the market, yet it fits very well with the theme of the game, making it neither overbearing or underwhelming. This is clearly the story to take light-heartedly and enjoy it for what it is.


Following up on the straightforwardness is the simplicity of the controls. All it has is an attack button, interaction, jump, dash and movement buttons. It’s simple to the core and there is often little reason to feel that it needs any change. It is all laid out for what you need to finish each stage.

Visuals & Audio

The urban/punky style of the game really lends into the whole modern world vampire-slaying theme this game is about. After all, you are playing a Special Agent who can take down vampires with ease. The visuals give a vivid comic-like atmosphere with a mix of badassery and dark tones.


Damsel has two ways of playing; either just going through the story mode to see what its all about, or go full completionist and try to get the highest score you can muster on each stage. While it doesn’t provide an extra story or anything like that, it still provided new ways of challenging your arcade gaming abilities.

Most stages would require an objective to be completed in order to finish off the stage (e.g. kill all vampires), however, there are secondary things you can do to improve your score. This includes rescuing hostages or hacking into terminals to grab those extra points. If you are the type to challenge yourself to get the best possible score in every stage, this may be the game to put you on your toes.


This game brought several virtues with its simplicity. This includes smooth animations and controls, little to no glitches and a game that is well optimised. This game is casual with challenging elements to the core. The developers had made a very key effort to ensure the game is challenging yet not stressful by making sure nothing compounds any potential challenge out of player control.

Final Verdict

Damsel is like Tetris in a sense. It’s easy to grasp and you can jostle with it a few hours and leave satisfied. However, if you want to challenge yourself, this game certainly provides the capability of pushing you to the limits. This game is for someone who just wants to burn some time on a game stress-free but isn’t afraid to have a little challenge for themselves every once in a while. 4 out 5 stars!

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