With Rainbow Six Siege well into their latest DLC, Operation Para Bellum, it came with its own share of issues of bugs, hackers and glitches. This time around, it had some impact on the ever-growing first-person shooting game.

Now R6S isn’t a stranger to having strange bugs or glitches. We had ones where some operators had deployable shields stuck to their faces, or Shield operators becoming Tom Clancy’s version of the Flash.

Ubisoft often makes good on fixing those bugs and glitches by the next patch or two. The problem is that those patches comes every couple of months and it leaves players suffering.

For this DLC, there is a new interesting case surrounding one the most iconic operators of R6S, Tachanka. You may have seen him in various memes, often known as the ‘Lord’. Even Ubisoft acknowledged the meme by putting the ‘Lord’ in Russian on his unique gadget. The Russian operator should be, effectively a slow operator thanks to the armour he carries on his person. However, there is a new glitch that effectively makes him Sonic the Hedgehog and I’m not joking.

The glitch itself, is quite humorous and it certainly isn’t a game-breaking one. While there are certainly methods to reproducing that glitch, it won’t automatically win you games on a ranked queue.

Para Bellum did just come with funny glitches and bugs that made great content on Youtube videos. Hackers, especially on the PC port, had been making a resurgence. If you played R6S since the very beginning, you knew that Ubisoft struggled with the issue for some time.

Luckily Ubisoft had taken a number of measures to rectify that issue early into R6S’s inception by implementing Fairplay and Battleye. That reduced a huge number of hackers considerably. The health of the game improved over the years with player count increasing since early 2016.

Nowadays, with the hackers becoming a major nuisance to higher ranked players, you’ll see many prominent Youtubers unsatisfied with it. The most unnerving part is that most hackers aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they are hacking. This puts Ubisoft in another tight spot to remedy the situation.

I do have faith that Ubisoft will find a solid solution to all of these problems. As a player, there are still steps you can take to secure your account against hackers. While they aren’t the greatest solution, it is still something within your power to use. Ubisoft had dealt with these kinds of issues before, so don’t count them out yet.

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