Point-and-Click Games, are they a thing of the past? 

Year by year, the possibilities for games grows exponentially. From virtual reality, incredible open worlds to MMOG’s, the possibilities truly do seem endless in this ever-growing industry. So what place do Point-and-Click games have left in this industry, if any?

Point-and-Click games are generally a hit-or-miss. There are some that work impeccably and draw the player into the world of the game. Others are just plain boring and unexciting, generally text-heavy and light on any kind of gameplay.

You might not expect Point-and-Click games to still be in production. Generally, they aren’t, but every so often one will appear.

Fran Bow Gameplay. Source: Killmonday Games

Take Fran Bow for example. Fran Bow was an indie psychological-horror game with Point-and-Click gameplay that was released in 2015 by Killmonday Games. Focusing on the titular character of Fran in her journey through insanity, the game was full of fun and complex puzzle with an array of quirky characters to keep players entertained.

Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island series alike both had incredible success as Point-and-Click games. Amongst other more modern games of the genre that had a share of success was Samorost 3 for it’s dynamic visuals and intricate puzzles.

Samorost 3 developed by Amanita Design.

Point-and-Click adventures are much less prevalent in recent years. Perhaps the original success of the genre can be attributed to the fact that there was little else for developers to work with at the time. With Point-and-Click games generally being story-heavy, the early years of Point-and-Click titles may have been the best way to convey a narrative through the interactive media at the time.

With technology now significantly more advanced, the style has lost appeal. Understandably, for the modern gamer, Point-and-Click games can be quite boring. While the production of new games of the genre don’t receive much hype, that doesn’t mean they’re not in the works.

Here are some upcoming Point-and-Click games:


Source: Trueberbrook.com

Trüberbrook is an upcoming Point-and-Click mystery game set in rural Germany in the late 1960s. It is arguable that Trüberbrook is more of a visual endeavour than anything else. The game is made up of hand-crafted environments and real lighting. While the genre of Point-and-Click may have lost it’s appeal, Trüberbrook promises to be a game worth experiencing.

Don’t Escape: Four Days in a Wasteland

Don’t Escape: Four Days in a Wasteland is an upcoming Point-and-Click apocalyptic adventure in an 8-bit style. Despite the simple style, the survival game seems to have some depth and be quite intricate in the survivalist gameplay. Fo fans of apocalyptic adventures, Don’t Escape: Four Days in a Wasteland is one to keep an eye on.

Jennifer Wilde

Jennifer Wilde is another upcoming Point-and-Click adventure in a film-noir style. Black and white and portrayed through comic-style artistry, Jennifer Wilde is a murder-mystery game set in Paris in the 1920s. It follows the titular character of Jennifer, who is assisted by the ghost of Oscar Wilde.

While some gamers would say that Point-and-Click has lost it’s appeal, there is still some promise for the upcoming games of it’s genre. While often victim to the hit-or-miss fate of video games, every so often a Point-and-Click adventure will capture the attention of the community. This genre is not done yet.

Lover of literature and gaming from Melbourne, I’m a massive fan of story-based gaming and how video games are quickly becoming the next great form of storytelling - Anything story-based or a good survival-horror are my absolute favourites. Currently studying Writing and Literature at Swinburne University and hoping to take it into the gaming industry.