Damsel is Screwtape Studio's first major release.

Damsel is the first major game release for Screwtape Studios. No strangers to the gaming world, Screwtape Studios already have five mobile titles to their name but have now leveled up with this fast-paced action-packed title.

Damsel has comic book-like graphics and storytelling. Instead of listening to NPC dialogue to uncover the narrative, players click through comic book pages and read the speech bubbles. Between the narrative and game play, gamers soon discover that they are playing as Agent Damsel, the smart talking, hard-hitting protagonist. Damsel is guided by her handler in a quest to stop Red Mist, a fast moving consumer good (FMCG) company from using their consumables to brainwash and enslave the population.

Damsel is split into three chapters.

The game has three chapters which are segmented into several short levels. Players must help Damsel complete her mission in order to finish each level. The missions can include killing vampires, destroying coffins, freeing hostages and gathering market research. Each level teaches you a new skill and the levels gradually increase in difficulty. So you’ve learned how to collect all the skulls? Good for you, but can you collect them within a time limit? Oh you’ve learned how to jump up walls? Let’s see you do that while avoiding the spikes.

The PC gameplay relies on timing and pushing buttons with just the right pressure in order to be successful.  For instance, players need to time their double jumps juuust right in order to reach that one super high ledge. In this regard, the gameplay is reminiscent of classic PC-based gaming. However, the graphics and soundtrack for Damsel far surpass the humble beginnings of PC gaming.

Damsel is set in an immersive comic book world.

Damsel is now available via Steam and will be available on consoles soon. You can also engage with the Steam community to share your thoughts on the game and watch some walkthroughs if you get stuck. For even more information, you can visit the official Damsel website or follow Gamers Classified. We will be speaking to the team from Screwtape Studios at PAX Australia later this month and we are looking forward to sharing that with you.