From mainstream pop culture icons and gaming, to niches of anime culture, there was cosplay in all forms at Oz Comic-Con Sydney 2017. Held at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) on the weekend of 30 September to 1 October, the event was full of colourful characters. Here’s a collection of some of the cosplay that was on show at Oz Comic-Con Sydney.

Batman. The man with a perpetually furrowed brow at Oz Comic-Con Sydney despite not having brows.
It’s the whole Ouran High School Host Club at Oz Comic-Con Sydney, minus one!
You’ve had your fun at Oz Comic-Con Sydney. Time to head home to Prison School for more fun.
Ned’s come back from the dead just to be at Oz Comic-Con Sydney.
So Harley Quinn, how many faces do you plan on playing whackamole with at Oz Comic-Con Sydney?
Jessica Rabbit with the classic nonchalant look at Oz Comic-Con Sydney.
Judge Dredd has judged me at Oz Comic-Con Sydney. His judgement: death by rail gun.
Kuzco welcomes me to his empire at Oz Comic-Con Sydney with flair.
Amongst the crowd at Oz Comic-Con Sydney, Master Chief pulls a mate aside for a one-on-one bro talk.
Mei and Tracer looking invincible at Oz Comic-Con Sydney (just they do at Lijang Tower… if you get the Overwatch reference).
Big smile, boys! Shredder’s not around Oz Comic-Con Sydney so you can take a load off.
Oz Comic-Con Sydney has delivered a glorious batch of fresh would-be victims for Pyramid Head. Rejoice!
There was a rainbow unicorn at Oz Comic-Con Sydney spreading smiles and glittery thoughts.
I must say sir, your nose hair adds an extra layer of fierceness. Good luck on the Oz Comic-Con Sydney cosplay battlefield.
Friendly samurai blokes at Oz Comic-Con Sydney who’ll more likely have a beer with you instead of stabbing you.
Jin keeping it cool at Oz Comic-Con Sydney but could turn at any minute…
Thor was a huge hit with the kids at Oz Comic-Con Sydney and could swing that hammer with style.
Queen Hippolyta and Diana mingling with us mere mortals at Oz Comic-Con Sydney.
Zenyatta’s not after any spare change at Oz Comic-Con Sydney. Spare candy? Different story.
Zombie Belle at Oz Comic-Con Sydney looking for a dancing partner. Don’t be fooled. That’s her ruse to get near your brains.