There may be a game or two that you as a player would stick by for months, years or even a decade. It could be that you loved the game so much that you would play the content, over and over again or the community of the game is so awesome that you just stick around because you enjoy playing with them. So what keeps those games so strong that they still have a respectably sizeable community playing it?

Developer Support

Some games with the strongest longevity had the most dedicated developer support. Sure, these games may be outdated in terms of graphics, engines and mechanics, yet players still enjoyed the game for what it is. Developers providing new official content and a constant stream of bug fixes is a good indication of how long a particular game is going to last.

Take a look at Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, an MMORPG that is well over a decade old and long history behind it. This game had countless expansions over the years, the most recent one, Battle for Azeroth being released in August 2018. Blizzard expended resources constantly on this game because there is still a passionate and massive community playing this game.

Now, I’ll be frank, I’ve never played World of Warcraft, but the number of years and the fact that Blizzard still invests in this game is a major indication on how healthy this game. It wouldn’t even be a surprise if this game manages to maintain its player base on the years to come and maintain that longevity.


Source: Sinitar Gaming

Modders are a special part of the community, especially when it came to PC gaming. They have the potential to bring an infinite amount of possibilities to the table that the original developers would never dream off. Take a look at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the games that the modding community had achieved a huge amount of content.

Mods generally range from new character models and skins to new campaigns, maps and enemies. On top of that, players choosing those mods gets to determine what kind of content they want to enjoy at their own leisure. It may also change the difficulty of the game to pure insanity levels for those wishing to seek a challenge as well.

Skyrim had been around over half a decade and the modding community is still going strong in the RPG game. There are several contenders for ‘best mods’ of all times for Skyrim and it is highly recommended that if you enjoy the content you won’t expect, take a look at what Skyrim has to offer.

Strong PvP Base

Source: Battlefield

Player versus. player is an excellent system that has the potential to grow endlessly just from minor adjustments in terms of balance. Countless games ranging from Smash Bros. Melee to Battlefield 4 had fielded a long list of loyal players who simply enjoyed the game’s competitive system. One of the key components for their success is their strong foundation and that the developers had refined the game to a strong success. It may range from good balance and gameplay mechanics to intuitive and capable servers for online play.

Because of these titles’ highly popular setup, it is quite common for those games to have a sequel down the line, eventually. For example, DotA was so popular, that it had arguably inspired several popular games including League of Legends and obviously DotA 2. However, there are still communities sticking to the old set of games simply because they enjoyed the mechanics in some ways more than their successors.

So what are some of the older games you still play to this day? Is there another reason you like playing those games?

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