What to get Gamer Mums this Mother's Day

In preparation for Mother’s Day coming up tomorrow, we put together a list of gift ideas you could get for a Mum that plays video games.

Females take up the minority when it comes to gaming, so having a mother that understands what it’s like to game is a rare thing. Imagine a world where your mum understands you can’t pause an online game! Times are changing and the stereotypes for gamers have largely changed as well. Those that were hardcore gamers in their childhood and as adolescents are growing up and starting families now, making way for the next generations of gamers. Many of those gaming parents still find time to indulge in their love for gaming and it can often be a lot of fun to game with your parents.

My dad was the catalyst for getting me into gaming when I was a kid and he even recently played his first game of Fortnite. But my mum was never a gamer, she played Tetris back in the day but that was as far as she got. I know that when I have a family of my own I will definitely be a ‘Gamer Mum’ and I will be proud to hold that title and pass on my passion. So for all those gaming Mothers out there right now, what would they be getting for Mother’s Day? And I don’t mean mobile gaming where your mum got obsessed with Candy Crush that time either. If your mum is a ‘Gamer Mum’ here are some things you could get her for Mother’s Day:

For the Old School gamer with a sweet tooth

Super Mario Cookie Jar
Super Mario Cookie Jar. Available from Think Geek

 If she’s scary in the morning before her coffee

Super Mario Boo Mug
Super Mario Boo Mug. Available from Zing and Think Geek

For when she wants to Snorlax

Snorlax Bean Bag
Snorlax Bean Bag. Available from Zing

Anyone for mum’s famous Hyrule Pie?

Legend of Zelda Rolling Pin
Legend of Zelda Rolling Pin. Available from Think Geek

Or would you choose this one?

Pikachu Cake Pan
Pikachu Cake Pan. Available from Think Geek

Because she’s your mum for life

8-Bit Heart Watch
8-Bit Heart Watch. Available from Think Geek

She will thank you when the world ends

Nuka Cola Bottle Opener
Nuka Cola Bottle Opener. Available from Think Geek

You were probably going to get her a boring robe anyway

Zelda Breath of the Wild Robe
Zelda Breath of the Wild Robe. Available from Think Geek

Pop Culture and Gaming can often intertwine, if she’s a proud nerd, have a look at some of these.

For the Queen of Wakanda

Black Panther Handbag
Black Panther Handbag. Available from Think Geek and Zing

If the Force is strong with her

Death Star Teapot and Mug
Death Star Teapot and Mug. Available from Think Geek

For when she loses to Thanos in Fortnite

Thor Hammer Toolset
Thor Hammer Toolset. Available from Think Geek

For her secret stash of Polyjuice Potion

Harry Potter Cauldron Jar
Harry Potter Cauldron Jar. Available from Zing

Because she’s the Mother of you Dragons

Game of Thrones Book Ends
Game of Thrones Book Ends. Available from Zing

If she is less into the gimmicky gifts and would rather something she might actually use, try one of these bad boys.

She’s not a regular Mum, She’s a Console Mum

PlayStation Dual Shock Candy Pink
PlayStation Dual Shock Candy Pink. Available from Play Station
Xbox Dawn Shadow
Xbox Dawn Shadow. Available from Xbox

For the PC Master Mum

Razer Quartz
Razer Quartz. Available from Razer
HyperX Cloud ll Pink
HyperX Cloud ll Pink. Available from PC Case Gear

Of course in the end, like you, she would probably be very happy with a game. Consider something you could play together or take something from her wishlist.

Happy Mother’s Day!