When it comes to TV or Movie films about video games, it generally is a depiction of the game itself. However, Variety reports that Apple had ordered a TV series of half-an-hour per episode comedy that takes place in a game development studios.

Game Development… Exciting?

Game development is an arduous task, it relies on several components such as coding, art and sound design. This TV series would be an interesting take on how your everyday developer deals with his or her life in the industry. We may play a lot of video games in our lifetime, but it won’t tell us much about how the people behind the scenes built this game from scratch. While there are dev blogs and Twitter to help us see what the devs are up to, it still doesn’t show the complexity of their jobs in the industry.

Since it is a comedy, it is likely that some of the characters may be an exaggeration of certain stereotypes of a game developer. There is little revealed about the comedy except for some of the people who will be working on it. Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day are chosen to write and produce the TV-series which may have promising potential on the quality of the show.

Will it be Good?

It is too far early to tell, but with McElhenney and Day at the helm, it looks like a solid team up. The two of them had worked together before on another show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ which is heading towards its thirteenth season. If anything, the two guys definitely have a penchant for longevity and bringing in some long-term audiences for a show.

To help with the production, game developing studios had also pitched in to back up the show. Ubisoft and 3 Arts have put their foot forward to assist with production. Gérard Guillemot, Jason Altman and Danielle Kreinik from Ubisoft, and Michael Rotenberg and Nicholas Frenkel from 3 Arts will executive produce the show. This will ensure a decent amount of accuracy from the game developing culture to be displayed on the series.

There are some solid expectations for the show and it will be interesting to see how it will be depicted about the game development industry. Would you be interested to see a show about the men and women behind the productions of the video games you play? What would you like to see on the TV show itself? Comment below on your thoughts and let’s see where it heads!

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