Potential Spoiler Warning for Far Cry 4 and 5

Far Cry 5 has a secret ending that players can find within the first 10 minutes of the game. Players can activate the secret ending in the opening sequence by simply doing nothing. When prompted to handcuff the games antagonist Father Joseph Seed, the player can actually do nothing. This results in an alternative scene where the player simply walks away. Compared to the actual opening, where Seed’s imprisonment provokes the game starting conflict, this is more like an easter egg. While just an alternate scene, players still receive the full credits and be taken to the title screen. If they want to really play the game, players can replay the opening scene as normal. The secret ending is very reminiscent of the secret ending in Far Cry 4, in which the player waits for Pagan Min to return in the opening dialogue. PC Gamer have posted a video of the alternative ending.

The whole scene is extremely unnerving. From Father Seed’s ramblings to the sheriff’s foresight, the scene is almost a perfect alternate opening. However, this alternative ending feels a lot more forced and lacklustre compared to the Far Cry 4 secret ending. Where the game tells you to wait for Pagan Min, and you instinctively defy this, the game here tells you to cuff Seed. Only players who have read about the ending online would naturally discover it. The reason Far Cry 4’s ending worked so well was that the player would do as told, and achieve what they set out to Kyrat to achieve. This ending is somewhat anticlimactic and the player doesn’t succeed in their objectives, unlike in Far Cry 4. It is still cool to see Ubisoft sneaking in these little easter eggs, but hopefully they recapture the brilliance of that Far Cry 4 secret ending in the future. Check out how the opening is meant to play out, courtesy of TheRedTieGuy.

What do you think of the alternative ending? Would you like to see a similar easter egg in other Ubisoft games? Or should Ubisoft stop this trend before they taint the fun of the Far Cry 4 original? Let us know in the comments below.


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