The world of Far Cry 5 is an extremely dangerous place. Hope County is full of a variety of things that desire nothing more than to kill you. You’ve got crazy cultists who want to fill your body with bullets, or bears and wolves who want to tear off your flesh. Even cows seem to have a dislike for the player character. Though there are so many people and animals that want to kill you, there is one creature that is the deadliest. One creature that can brutally kill any player, no matter how well equipped or healthy they are. The bees.

I first encountered these dastardly insects whilst exploring the backyard of one of the many properties throughout Far Cry 5. My companion, Grace Armstrong, and I were investigating a prepper stash, hoping to find some useful items or cash left over by the stashes previous occupant. We had just been ambushed by a group of cultist, so stumbling upon this stash felt as if our luck was improving. As I was making my way to the stash, not paying attention to my surroundings, I accidentally ran through a bee farm. Little did I know that this decision would haunt me for the rest of my playthrough.

My screen began to be overrun by bees and my health began to decrease rapidly. A prompt popped up on the screen telling me how I could get rid of the bees and live to fight another day. But, no matter how hard I tapped that button, the bees would not go away. By the time I was finally able to rid myself of these evil creatures, I was nearly dead. I took a moment to regain my composure, trying to figure out what exactly just happened. I had just learned a valuable lesson. The bees in Far Cry 5 are extremely dangerous.

This prompt is useless. Source: Fox Meister

Unfortunately for Grace, she was too faithful of an ally and ran straight through the bee farm. I heard her cries for help, but I wasn’t quick enough to save her. She dropped to the ground, reaching her arm out, but it was too dangerous to go back for her. I was nearly dead and, knowing how deadly those little flying critters were, I shamefully did nothing. I watched on as she died in front of me. It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever done. Luckily, I was able to call her back twelve minutes later and she didn’t even mention how, just moments prior, I’d left her to be stung to death by bees.

I was lucky to survive my first encounter with the bees, but it wouldn’t be the last time I would be subjected to their deadly attacks during my time with Far Cry 5. This time, I was on my own. Grace had died yet again, but this time because she randomly jumped out of my helicopter and fell to her death. I left her behind again, but this time I didn’t feel bad. I was making my way to another prepper stash, which was situated inside of an old warehouse. On the outside, the warehouse looked harmless. Like most prepper stashes, I thought there would be some puzzle I would need to solve or key I would need to find in order to gain access to the goodies inside. Oh, was I wrong.

Beehives in an enclosed space is never a good combination. Source: Camzillasmom

I climbed into the warehouse and was greeted with an empty room that had an opening in the corner, and blocking that opening was a beehive. My skin crawled. Immediately, flashbacks of my previous encounter ran through my mind. At least I was outside and able to run far enough to escape their clutches. This time though, I was in a confined space with nowhere to run. This time, I had the upper hand. The bees hadn’t noticed me, so I pulled out my silenced pistol and shot the beehive. Destroying the beehive didn’t kill them but instead, made them very angry. I was immediately covered in bees. The prompt popped up again and I tapped the button with such furore that it made my thumb sore, but it did nothing. Realising that I was greatly outnumbered, I knew I had to find an exit. If I didn’t, I was going to die. Luckily, I saw a small opening just above some boxes. It was my last hope.

Swatting bees away from my face, I frantically began climbing up the stack of boxes, slowly inching closer to survival. After what felt like an eternity, I finally made my way up the boxes, through the opening, and fell into the next room. In an instant, the bees disappeared. A wave of relief washed over me. I finally escaped and it felt good. That was until I saw something in the distance. Something that made me feel sick to my stomach.

Two more bee hives…



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