Image courtesy of Caustic Reality.

Infliction is the debut title from Caustic Reality and it nominated for Australian Developed Game of the Year at the inaugural Australian Games Awards (AGAs). Gamers Classified spoke with Developer Clinton McCleary about the creative process behind this title at PAXAUS earlier this year. He explained that he is a long-time fan of the horror genre but that when he became a father, the things that scared him changed. Infliction was inspired by these new-found fears. To watch the full interview, please see the video below. Gamers Classified spoke with McCleary again recently to discuss his reaction to Infliction’s AGAs nomination.

Vote for Infliction to win Australian Developed Game of the Year at the AGAs by clicking here. Voting ends December 7th 2018.

GC: What was your reaction to being nominated?

CM: Shock and excitement. It’s extremely humbling and vindicating to be nominated for something like this. I’m just excited to be included in the conversation around the other nominees. To be counted among such amazing titles and talent is truly an honour!

GC: What are your tips for aspiring local developers?

CM: Start thinking about the business side of things early. Start a website, write a development blog, start consulting with marketers and get advice. I know, I hate looking at word docs and spreadsheets too – but without a proper launch and marketing strategy, nobody will even know your game exists. We live in a time where everything you need is at your fingertips. It’s also important to have other devs to talk to and lean on, particularly if you’re working alone.

GC: What did it take to get here? Was game development always your passion?

CM: Video games have always been a passion, since I was very young. For years I wanted to create games but wasn’t sure how or where to start. I dabbled in flash development since 2004 and worked as an online training designer/developer for 8 years. Then, in 2013, I started studying with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Five years later (2018) I graduated with qualifications in programming, design and art. While studying I began creating Infliction. Developing a game, particularly on your own requires focus, commitment and sacrifice.

Is the fire making the shadows dance or is there really something lurking in the shadows?

GC: Is there anything you would like to add?

CM: My wife, daughter, parents and in-laws have all been incredibly supportive of me pursuing my dreams. I owe them everything. I also had a couple of friends that were my support network during development. Without them, Infliction would have been very different – and may not have been released. Thank you all.

Infliction is available via Steam. Vote for Infliction to win Australian Developed Game of the Year at the AGAs by clicking here. Voting ends December 7th 2018.