Cosplay Chris as Whiplash. Photo by Ryan Berry

The Australian Games Awards will be held on December 19th 2018. One of the nominees for Cosplayer of the Year is Cosplay Chris. He has spoken to Gamers Classified previously about his Whiplash and Alexios costume builds and joins us today to discuss his Cosplayer of the Year nomination. Read on to find out about his reaction to being nominated and where you can purchase his props.

To vote for Cosplay Chris to win Cosplayer of the Year, please click here. Voting is open until December 7th 2018.

GC: What was your reaction to finding out you were nominated?

Cosplay Chris: Very surprised. It’s still sinking in but the response has been very overwhelming. I get very shy with this kind of stuff so I didn’t say anything at first. I think everyone was sharing [the link] because my Mum was like ‘congratulations’ and I was like ‘how did you find out?’

Photo by John Stanley Photography

GC: Your next cosplay build is The Crow. What can you tell us abut this?

Cosplay Chris: The costume will be unveiled next year but I’ve started sourcing pieces to get an idea of how this thing’s going to look. I’m going to be drawing inspiration from Brandon Lee’s interpretation, what Jason Mamoa’s Crow could have been and then adding my own spin on it. The thing I really want to get down pat is the makeup because the makeup makes or breaks a good Crow design or cosplay. I need to do my research because want the makeup, bullet holes and the injuries that he sustains in the comic book to all show through and to be of high quality.

For more information on this build, visit Cosplay Chris’ YouTube channel.


GC: Aside form making items for your own cosplay, you also make and sell items for others. Can you tell us about what items you sell via your Etsy shop?

Cosplay Chris: I’ve been doing that for a couple of years now. Sometimes I’ll throw a custom collectible on there. After I’ve finished a tutorial video, if anyone wants to purchase the item, I’ll sign it and list it for sale. I also offer costume pieces, display pieces and prints of me in costume which are also signed. It’s an array of random stuff.

Cosplay Chris as Alexios from Assassin’s Creed. Costume made with the help of Flux Electronics and Benablefx. Photo by Greg Eckels

GC: Is there anything else you want to add?

Cosplay Chris: Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me. I’m very humbled and tickled pink. It’s absolutely crazy. I do this stuff because I love it but it’s nice to know that the hard work is paying off and I seem to be doing something right with my crazy shenanigans. When I got into it, there was no such thing as cosplay awards but it’s an honour to be amongst very talented people who are also in the running.

Cosplay Chris is active on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Twitter, Etsy and YouTube.  To vote for him to win Cosplayer of the Year at the Australian Games Awards, please click here. Voting closes on December 7th 2018.