A. K. Wirru as Odin from Final Fantasy XIII. Photo by Lark Visuals

The Australian Games Awards will be held on December 19th 2018. One of the nominees for Cosplayer of the Year is Ameno Kitarou (A. K. Wirru) No stranger to the spotlight, he was the 2017 Oz Comic Con Cosplay Champion and represented Australia at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). He recently spoke to Gamers Classified about his reaction to being nominated for Cosplayer of the Year and what cosplay means to him.

To vote for Ameno Kitarou  to win Cosplayer of the Year, please click here. Voting is open until December 7th 2018

A. K. Wirru as Field Team Leader from Monster Hunter World. Photo by Lark Visuals

GC: What was your reaction to finding out you were nominated for this award?

Ameno Kitarou: I didn’t’ even know this was a thing so I was really surprised when I found out. I logged into Facebook on my birthday and saw that one of my friends had shared a link with my photo. I said to myself ‘what’s this about’, so I clicked on the link and that’s how I found out I was nominated. I’m so honoured to know that so many people put my name forward.


GC: What has been your most ambitious cosplay build to date?

Ameno Kitarou: Definitely Bahamut from Final Fantasy 10. That took me 14 months to make. I wore it to the Cosplay Championships at Oz Comic-Con 2017 and won. I was then selected to represent Australia at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo C2E2.

A. K. Wirru is Bahamut from Final Fantasy X. Photo by The Portrait Guy.

GC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Ameno Kitarou: I value the freedom that comes with cosplay. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy wanting to be a girl or a girl wanting to be a boy… you can be anything through cosplay. I love to explore this freedom with my costumes. I am honoured by the number of people who nominated me and I want to give back to this community with my tutorials and by sharing my cosplay experiments.

A. K. Wirru as Mai Shiranui from King of Fighter XIV. Photo by Creed Photography

Ameno Kitarou is active on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Patreon. To vote for him to win Cosplayer of the Year at the Australian Games Awards, please click here. Voting closes on December 7th 2018.