Your home and the setting of Infliction.

Infliction is the debut title of Caustic Reality game studio. It has just been released to much acclaim and is one of the six indie titles to be featured at PAX 2018’s Indie Showcase. Gamers Classified will be speaking with Clinton McCleary, the man behind Infliction, at PAX so be sure to check back soon for more information. But for now, here is your first look at this debut effort.

Infliction begins with a quote from the Necronomicon, the fictional grimoire from H.P Lovecraft’s imagination, which sets the tone for this game. This is a realistic and immersive experience which should appeal to fans of unsolved mysteries, horror, the supernatural or those with a curious nature. If that sounds appealing to you, then begin your own adventure by trialing or purchasing Infliction via Steam. If you need more convincing, then keep reading.

Your first look at your home and the setting of Infliction.

Infliction is the video game version of watching a horror movie home alone in the dark. Only, instead of watching helplessly as the protagonist descends the stairs to the basement, this first person game allows the player to decide for themselves how they want to explore their environment.  This game rewards curiosity and the highly interactive environment encourages exploration.

Welcome Home. Most of the items here are interactive.

Infliction does not begin with a great deal of backstory or lore. All you know if that your wife left a message asking you to find her plane ticket. You then arrive home and begin your search for said ticket. Information about who you are, who your family are and where and when you live comes from this search. Interacting with certain items unlocks memories. This gives you some direct information but other information is implied and relies on your curiosity and observation. For example, a search of one of the drawers produces a letter of employment, a bill, a book on sorcery and a business card. Is there anything in this? You decide.

Your standard bedtime reading material.

The house is decorated with standard domestic furniture, family photos, bookshelves and death masks.  You can explore your surroundings by opening draws, reading documents, picking things up and switching appliances off and on. Certain items may reflect the light and catch your eye. Remember, this game rewards curiosity so Gamers Classified recommends inspecting anything that does catch your eye.

Investigate your surroundings by interacting with the objects around you.

Infliction is a solitary quest in your suburban home to find your wife’s plane ticket. You should feel comfortable here. This house should feel as safe and comfortable as your own home in real life. Being home alone should not make you feel any less comfortable. Seeing a light left on in one room should not rattle you. Nor should the creaking of the floorboards: it’s an old house and sometimes it creaks. You now that. No, that can’t be whispering you heard from down the hall. You know you’re home alone.

Is the fire making the shadows dance or is there really something lurking in the shadows?

You can inspect the hallway to reassure yourself if you like. This game does reward curiosity, after all. You can even turn the light on in the hall if that makes you feel better. Perhaps switching the light on will switch the whispering off. No, that’s silly. You must have worked yourself up by watching horror movies on your own again.  It’s not like you did something to inflict a paranormal darkness on this house.

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