One of the good things about a large pop culture event like Supanova is the strong likelihood that you will run into old friends. While at Supanova Sydney, Gamers Classified met up with Jason Klippel, the Digital Entertainment & AV Manager from Bankstown Sports Club. Our regular readers may remember that we spoke with Jason previously about PZE Bar; the first Esports bar in western Sydney. One year later, we spoke with him again to find out what’s new at Bankstown Sports Club.

GC: We caught up with you about a year ago, what’s been happening since then?

JK: We’ve launched social event packages for kids’ parties, birthday parties, game nights and buck’s parties. You can now hire our Esports bar for private functions for you and your friends.  During the school holidays, we also run Fortnite events for kids which are a bit of an introduction for parents who want to see what it’s all about. 

GC: What does the party hire involve?

JK: This package includes eight PCs, a gaming set up like what we have here [at Supanova], eight Xboxes and a Nintendo Switch. Our game library is ever-growing and is always being updated.

GC: I hear that you’re also the home of OzHadou. Is that correct? (Note: OzHadou is a Sydney based organisation which organises tournaments for the fighting game community). 

JK: We work with the guys from OzHadou quite regularly. They hold their Bankstown Runback’s series in either our function centre or at PZE. They’ve also just announced the OHN16 (OzHadou National) event which will take place in our Grand Ballroom from 20-22 September 2019. 

GC: Are there any upcoming Esports events at Bankstown Sports?

JK: We run weekly FIFA19, Tekken 7 and Counter Strike events with $250 prize money each night. These events have been going strong for over a year now. It’s our way of trying to grow a wider gaming community by providing a safe, social and inclusive outlet to do so.

GC: If people wanted to stay in touch with Bankstown Sports, how can they do that?

JK: Head to or follow us on Facebook for all the latest information. 

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