Author, C. S. Cooper at Supanova Sydney 2019

C. S. Cooper is an Engineer and Independent Author. Gamers Classified was lucky enough to speak with him at Supanova Sydney 2019 about his debut novel, Final Flight of the Ranegr. C. S. Copper told us about the etymology of the name ‘Ranegr’ and what it was like to independently publish his novel.

GC: What can you tell us about your book?

CSC: The book is called Final Flight of the Ranegr and it’s a story about three kids who are lost in space. They’re from a space faring civilisation and they were on what was meant to be a routine trip but something happens and they find themselves lost in space. They’re then picked up the the Ranegr which is essentially a space pirate ship.

All three of the kids have their own personalities. One of these kids is a spoiled rich brat, another one has troubles with this Dad and the other one is a well-adjusted little boy who likes his life but doesn’t like what’s just happened because it’s turned his life upside down. The kids all have to learn to face their demons and face their situation while also trying to find a way home.

GC: How did you come up with the name, the Ranegr?

CSC: I invent languages and I wanted the name to mean ‘dauntless’ in one of my invented languages. I wanted the name to sound like a lion’s roar.

A sample of one of C. S. Cooper’s invented languages

GC: Can you tell us about the writing process for Final Flight of the Ranegr?

CSC: I started writing in 2011 and finished in 2014. I didn’t want to rely on publishers so I decided to publish it myself. It’s been a very rewarding experience learning how to sell your book and run your own business. I would recommend it for everyone.

GC: Where there any obstacles to your writing process?

CSC: There weren’t so many obstacles to the writing process. I was able to find time because I wrote this while I was doing my PhD in Telecommunications. I was able to do this stuff in between writing papers [for my PhD]. The obstacles were more in learning what steps I had to take to go from the finished manuscript to this finished form. Luckily I have a pretty decently paying day job so I was able to pay for all of it.

GC: How can people buy Final Flight of the Ranegr and stay in touch with you?

CSC: The book is available via Amazon or my website. The website also has all of my social media links.