Bloody Palace is a staple of the Devil May Cry series, having the protagonists fight through an seemingly endless streak of enemies in a wave after wave format while fighting the clock and trying to keep their style rank up all at the same time. Devil May Cry 5 recently added Bloody Palace as a free DLC update for all players. The way the mode is structured in DMC5 is the same as it’s been in previous installments. Though playing through the palace is a good way to earn red orbs, staying alive is another thing. During all of my play through’s, I get stuck just before Stage 100 – but it sure is fun (and very time consuming) when you start to get good at climbing the palace. Blood Palace is a timed challenge in which you need to complete the whole mode before the timer runs out. Like any good timed challenge, Blood Palace let’s you earn more time by defeating enemies without taking damage or quicker than the estimated floor clear.

When Blood Palace first starts at Stage 01, you only have two minutes to complete the floor, that seems like a very low number, but keep in mind that the first few floors, nothing too drastic is taking place. Another thing to watch out for, is you don’t regenerate health while in Devil Trigger mode, meaning you need to rely on the rare health drops from enemies to keep yourself in the game. The standard format of floors is 10 main floors, then a boss or ‘rare’ encounter, normally with the floors before and after the boss being a little easier and good chance for you to hopefully earn some health orbs.

I don’t want to spoil the fun too much, but when you start reaching floors past about 70 or 80, you’ll start to encounter bosses you might not have fought before, giving the mode quite a good reason to give it a go and get good at it to maximize your variety and gameplay time if you love DMC as much as I do. Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace Mode is available not through a free DLC patch that should automatically download on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 when the game is booted up. Hopefully in the future, we’ll get additional modes and campaigns to extend my playtime now that I’m close to S-Ranking every mission, in fact, I can think of one character who I’d love to be added for yet another play through… Only time will tell.