EB Expo 2017 on the Gold Coast is right around the corner and boy oh boy am I excited.

The Expo was first held in 2011 at the Gold Coast but has subsequently spent every year in Sydney. At its first show, it pulled in an audience of about 15,000 attendees and this has rocketed up to over 38,000 in recent years in Sydney. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of attendance it grabs with its return to the Gold Coast. Regardless of numbers however the line-up looks action-packed and it seems there’ll be no shortage of fun to be had.

While everything looks really quite exciting, there are a few things on the line-up I’m particularly excited for, here’s some of them:

1. Skyrim VR

Skyrim was an awesome and beautiful game, I spent most of my playtime just looking up at the stars and I am so ready for that experience in VR. While recent reports of the game have ranged from ‘laughable’ to ‘complete dumpster fire’ one can pray the experience has improved since then. We shall see I guess.

2. Far Cry 5

Ooooh man. I have been a long-term fan of the Far Cry series since the original in the early 2000’s and the latest entry looks awesome. While Far Cry 2 was a dramatic, serious entry, the games have been getting more and more foreign ever since. Not that this was a bad thing, the latest entries have been really fun, but the most recent entry set in modern day America looks set to rock things with it’s politically charged backdrop. Gameplay looks familiar but I’m keen to see how far they take the political analogies of home-grown terrorism and religious extremism and its relations to the state of things in our world today. While the game’s director Dan Hay related the game to a critique of extremism rather than a reflection of recent events, the influences are uncanny. It will be interesting to see how the much the controversy surrounding the game’s announcement is manifested within the game and how it’s launch and story plays out. I also really just want to play another Far Cry game.


3. Dragon Ball FighterZ

I saw a bit of this being played at OzHadou Nationals 15 in Sydney recently and am keen to get my hands on a controller and give it a shakedown. The art design and animation is crisp and incredibly pretty, and the gameplay reports have been promising, with across the board positive responses. Producer Tomomi Hiroki said at E3 in June that he wanted to combine the best elements from current e-sport fighting game trends, and then add Dragon Ball; What could go wrong?

4. COD WW2

Hype/COD bashing aside, this game looks mighty good. Back to good ol’ call of duty days before wall running and flying around and all the high-tech wizardry, just classic run n gun action. Plus, judging by the campaign cut scenes previewed so far, this looks like it’ll be feels galore, something I can’t say for the most recent few entries in the series. The game has already received a fair amount of criticism for its story and Americentrism, I can see where they’re coming from but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I’m keen to see it in person and get my hands around a controller to see how well the throwback setting works.

5. Retro Freeplay Area

This a returning area of EB Expo and I’m super excited for it. People criticise the slow graphical updates year on year of some series but looking at it on a long enough timeline, the graphical and gameplay upgrades are simply phenomenal. I’m just a young’un and I’m not sure I’m allowed to feel nostalgia for something I never really grew up with but it’s always fascinating to play with the older generations and see how far we’ve come technologically throughout the decades.

Source: Ausretrogamer
Retro Zone at EB Expo 2016

EB Expo is always a good show and I’m expecting this year to be no different. Tune back in next weekend to see more of our coverage of the event.

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