Team Athletico Joins the Australian Apex Open

With the first qualifying round for Mogul’s Australian Apex Open currently underway, it was announced today that Australian esports organisation, Athletico will also be squading up to compete in the online event.

Earlier this month, Athletico introduced it’s very own dedicated pro team for Apex Legends. With BulletL, C3rb, and eDGe as the players currently behind the Athletico banner.

Opening Up Avenues for Aussie Apex Players

Athletico’s Director of Operations, Richard Lee, said in a press release:

“We see Mogul are playing an important role in competitive play for teams and players in the region … This also provides a grassroots platform for Australian esports organisations scope prospects in a new game.”

So, today’s news further highlights the paths being paved for a competitive Apex scene here in Australia and with $35,000 on offer to the top placers, it’s understandable why the event is pulling in both the pros and amateurs.

The inclusion of Athletico has the potential to open up a higher level of competitive play during the event. But at the same time, it can also promote some hidden Australian talent in the Apex community. As Mogul’s Jamie Skella said:

“Existing professionals can seriously explore what it might mean to compete in the latest titles prior to being formally embraced by their teams, while unsigned players have the opportunity to make a name for themselves with those teams.”

While the first qualifying round is set to wrap up April 21, there will still be three additional qualifying rounds that teams can compete in. So, if you want to participate, registration is still open.

The Open’s knockout rounds will run from May 14 to 17 and the finals themselves will be on May 19.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Australian Apex Open, you can find the registration link here.

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