This Sunday, four teams will be vying for the Overwatch Contenders Australia Season 3 Championship title and a share in $50 000 USD. However, it looks like Sydney Drop Bears is the team to beat as not only are they sitting on an undefeatable run in this season, they are also back-to-back Contenders champions.

The standings currently have Sydney Drop Bears, Heist Gaming Club, ORDER, and Athletico Esports all competing in this weekend’s semi-finals but only one team can snag the Contenders trophy.

The first semi-final match will have Sydney Drop Bears and Heist Gaming Club go head-to-head from 11:00am AEDT. ORDER and Athletico Esports will verse each other from 1:00pm AEDT and the grand final match-up will start at 3:00pm AEDT. Fans will be able to catch each match live with the entire event being broadcasted on Twitch from ESL Studios Sydney.

A New Expansion is Coming to Contenders Live Events

Blizzard also announced that, for the first time, this year’s Contenders will have its own inter-regional tournament – pitting the best teams from both the Pacific and Atlantic regions against each other.

The first event, the Pacific Showdown, will run from May 24-26 and feature the best teams from Australia, China, Korea, and the Pacific. The Atlantic Showdown will follow on May 31-June 2 and include teams from Europe, North America, and South America. The tournament will be set in a double elimination format and the top-performing regional teams will be send from Overwatch Contender 2019 Season 2 to the final event: the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet will be a three day event, spanning from October 10-13 and will promoting inter-regional competition and giving chosen Contenders players another chance to showcase their skills to the world.

More details will be revealed as we draw closer to the events so make sure to keep an eye on both the Overwatch Contenders Path to Pro Twitter.

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