Source: Overwatch Contenders

Match One: Masterminds GC Vs Dark Sided

The first match of the day saw the new Masterminds GC roster go up against Dark Sided after both teams finished in the top four in season one.

Oasis initially looked like it would go DS’s way, with MM unable to stop Yuki’s Genji from taking out their supports on City Centre. However, MM were able to take University and Gardens after a close match on both.

Eichenwalde was where MM started to lose steam. Despite an excellent defense thanks to a number of excellent plays from the team including USMC’s widow, they were full held by DS. They were then full held again on Temple of Anubis, allowing DS another easy win.

The final map, Watchpoint: Gilbraltor was another close affair, with Yuki once again helping DS take victory with some excellent Hanzo play, leading to a 3-1 DS match win.

Match Two: Avant Gaming VS PIXL eSports

PIXL were able to easily take University, with a stunning Zarya and D.Va combo helping them to hold the point. However, they couldn’t keep up their initial performance, losing the next two maps, with City Centre being particularly bad for them.

They did improve on King’s Row, despite initially struggling to move the payload, they were able to almost finish out the map. But Avant were able to do better, finishing out the map with 1:37 to spare.

In what was a theme on Day Two, PIXL was full held on Temple of Anubis, only managing to capture 46.7% of the point, allowing for an easy take for Avant.

Rialto saw the reemergence of PIXL, who where able to push the payload almost to checkpoint three. Despite their best efforts, their inconsistent performance and the fantastic work on Avant’s tanks and DPS secured Avant a 4-0 match win.

Match Three: Kanga Esports VS SereNity

The final match of week one was the most tense so far, with both teams giving their all. Oasis was a convicing win for Kanga with some decent fights from SereNity unable to net them much, with them failing to get more than 37% across Univerity and City Centre. Einchenwalde was a similar story with SereNity simply unable to to keep up with Kanga.

Temple of Anubis was where things started to turn around for SereNity. They were able to put up an excellent defense, stopping Kanga from getting a single tick on point two. Guzto was instrumental to this defense, often taking out Kanga’s healers and quickly ending fights.

Watchpoint:Gilbrator looked like it was originally going Kanga’s way, with Roro’s Genji and Locus on Bridgette working together to stop SereNity’s push just before checkpoint two. However, SereNity were able to bring it back in the final moments of overtime on Kanga’s attack, stopping them from reaching the checkpoint and bringing the match to the first tie-breaker map of the season, Ilios.

Lighthouse was down to the wire, with both teams flipping the point multiple times and reaching 99%, however Kanga were able to win the final fight and take the map. Ruins was also incredibly close, but SereNity couldn’t beat out Kanga, leading them to lose 2-3.

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