OCS ORDER and Monash University

With the 2019 Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) kicking off this Thursday, esports organisation, ORDER has just announced that they will be teaming up with students from Monash University for this year’s series.

The Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, and the University of Technology Sydney are already on board for the 2019 OCS. And Monash University will be joining these three other Australian universities in helping to create more spaces in tertiary institutions for aspiring esports pros.

Manger of ORDER OCS said in a press release: “Like other student athletes, our League of Legends team are expected to balance their study and competition commitments.

“However, with the help of the support programs provided by both Team Monash and ORDER, our players will have all the necessary tools they need to succeed.

“This collaborative effort is a great leap forward to showing future pro gamers that they don’t need to choose between studying and gaming, they are able to pick both.”

What is the OCS?

For those unfamiliar with series, the OCS is the starting point for League of Legends Oceanic talent. Some OCS players often make a name for themselves during competition and eventually move on to the Oceanic Pro League (OPL).

The year’s competition will feature 12 teams going head to head every Thursday from 5pm AEST — starting May 2.

The teams competing in 2019’s OCS series are:

  • Bombers Academy
  • Emprox
  • Dire Cubs
  • Chiefs Academy
  • QUT Tigers
  • ORDER Academy (Team Monash)
  • Legacy Genesis
  • UQ Union
  • Mammoth Academy
  • UTS Esports
  • Avant Academy
  • Gravitas Academy

All teams competing will be vying for a the $20,000 up for grabs and if you’re wanting to watch along, you check it out on both Twitch and Youtube.

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