North take home the trophy at Dreamhack Masters Stockholm

The North is certainly here as the Danish Counter-Strike team take out the Dreamhack Masters in Stockholm.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is continuously proving itself to be one of the biggest eSports on the scene. Over the weekend, the Dreamhack Masters went down in Stockholm, Sweden. It wasn’t difficult to pick favourites here as most would have opted for Astralis as the current #1 team in the world. Big names were knocked out early and we said goodbye to our Aussie Grayhounds in the group stages. The Quarterfinals saw mibr, FaZe Clan and NaVi going home, which made it look like Astralis might have a straight line to the finish.

Mousesports have been playing well this season and put up a fight against North in the Semi-Finals. They smashed the first map 16-0 and looked like they might have it in the bag. North did, however, manage to push through to win the match 2-1 to then come up against Astralis. Astralis is still considered the number one Counter-Strike team in the world as a result of consistent high tournament placings. North, however, have not had the best run leading up to Dreamhack Masters. Nevertheless, the all-Danish Grandfinal already had fans gearing up for a great match.

The stand out player of the tournament would have to be MSL, his move to the AWP was a huge advantage for North. The Grand Final matchup was certainly intense with North taking the first map 16-1 on Astralis’s pick of Dust 2. Astralis fought back with North’s map pick on Train to even it out at one map each. The decider on Overpass was a much closer map but North surprised everyone with the upset to win 16-11 and the title. A repeat of the two team’s meeting in the group stages with the final score closing out at 2-1.

North are Champions of Dreamhack Master Stockholm
North are Champions of Dreamhack Master Stockholm #SquadGoals. Source: Twitter


Next for these teams is the FACEIT London Major, and they do not have long before the main qualifiers begin. Both North and Astralis will be attending thanks to their New Challenger status earned at the ELEAGUE Boston Major. Joining them will be New Legends, the top eight teams from ELEAGUE. Those teams include reigning champions Cloud 9 and runners-up FaZe Clan, as well as G2, mibr, NaVi, Winstrike, Fnatic and mousesports.

The Qualifiers for FACEIT London start on September 5th which will begin at night and continue into the early hours of September 6th for us in Australia. If you do not wish to be getting sleepless nights for the entire tournament, the New Champions stage will begin on September 20th and will wrap up on September 23rd with the winners sharing in the $1,000,000 prize pool.