Melbourne is in for a huge weekend of gaming and if you are looking to see what to watch there or getting ready for your streaming entertainment, we’ll tell you the events that will be showcased on the September 1-2 for Melbourne Esports Open.


Source: Melbourne Esports Open

As the name suggests, the major events will be held Rod Laver Arena and host two finals of two huge games. Overwatch Contenders Australia Finals and League of Legends ANZ Grand Final will be held on the 1st and 2nd of September respectively.

If those two games aren’t exactly to your liking, there are more games from all kinds of genres making their appearance on the stage. Fortnite, Forza, DragonBall Fighter Z, Street Fighter V and more are also hitting the spotlight for some impressive Esports entertainment.

If you are looking to compete in open competitions; Minecraft, Overwatch, Smash Bros. for Wii U and Melee will be accommodating for all ticket holders and will provide you chances to win prizes that value over $1000.

This event is huge for not only esports but the exposure of other games that may well end up in the esports scene in one form or another. Esports is a rapidly evolving environment with new titles entering the scene with fans and gamers being brought to the field in droves.

Featured and Sponsored

This major event has some backing to undertake what is needed to make this succeed. Major companies are supporting or presenting Melbourne Esports Open in various ways. JB-HIFI is presenting it, Couch Warriors are helping out with all Fighting Game related tournaments and activities, ESL is facilitating the major esports events, and Fairfax Media is also providing some coverage for the more general audience.

Fortnite, arguably one of the most popular games of the current generation around the world, will have its own dedicated stage for fans to participate with their favourite content creators such as Youtubers. There will also be a dance-off for participants where they can undertake some of the Fortnite dances to win some prizes as they show off their moves.

The major event is a clear mark in Australia’s gaming culture where more people, not just gamers, are getting involved. With companies like Fairfax, Boost Mobile and Melbourne sports organisation bringing in support, there is no doubt that gaming had come a long way since the past few decades. If you are someone in Melbourne, how are you looking to participate in this grand event?

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