One of the leading esports media and software businesses, Mogul, has partnered with a top AFL-owned esports team, Legacy.

The partnership heralds the launch of a new tournament model in a few weeks, which will be the first fully automated tournament platform for cash prizes.

The automated tournament model aims to provide users with the ability to follow streamers and elite esports players, provide multiple tournament modes, lifetime player statistics and match reminder notifications.

The tournament will also provide players with the opportunity to go up against the top players of Legacy’s Fortnite team. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of Razer laptops are on the line and will be rewarded to the victors.

legacy esports.
Source: Smallcaps

Mogul’s Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Jamie Skella, discussed what the partnership meant for the esports industry.

“Mogul couldn’t be prouder to work together with the iconic Legacy Esports as a landmark partnership for the region,” Skella said.

“One of the many forthcoming partnerships of this kind, it represents our ability to support the industry with market-leading tournament technology, and have industry actors share in our success as we grow.”

“This partnership model is truly win-win in nature – I’m excited about the role it will play as an economic accelerator for everyone involved.”

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