The Gfinity Elite Series Grand Final for CS:GO was back and forth action between Melbourne Order and Sydney Chiefs. In the end Melbourne Order won 3-0.

Each game consisted of a 15-round first half and 15-round second half. Melbourne Order started off strong winning the first 10 rounds. It was an easy first half for Melbourne Order. Well into the second half the Sydney Chiefs were playing defensively, allowing Melbourne Order to win the first game in just the 20th round.

In the second game, the tables were turned, and Sydney Chiefs started off the first half with an impressive winning streak of 8 rounds. However, Melbourne Order came back in the 9th round. In the 10th round, Sico from Melbourne Order won it and proceeded to stand over his opponent’s corpse to give it a quick session of furious tea-bagging and knifing. That wasn’t enough to rile up the Sydney Chiefs who won the first half in cool, collected fashion. When the second half began, it was fiercely contested, and no team dominated the other. It was so close that by the 29th round it was 14 rounds to Melbourne Order and 14 rounds to Sydney Chiefs. Melbourne Order came through and won the second half, securing them the second game.

Before the third game Matt, one of the commentators, did something we did not expect. He got down on one knee, filled up a shoe with Dare Iced Coffee and chugged it down to the cheers of the crowd. Mind you, this was not a little splash of Dare Iced Coffee. Matt filled that shoe and knocked it back like a proper glass of beer. Kudos. The first ever milk-based shoey in Australian eSports history.

The third game again saw the Sydney Chiefs start out strong winning the first 3 rounds. By this stage, the crowd was really into it and vocal. There were shouts of encouragement for both sides, but Melbourne Order supporters were the most boisterous even taunting the Sydney supporters by cheekily shouting “Sydney’s gone very quiet” at one stage. There were sporadic shout outs from the crowd for the other eSports teams like the Brisbane Deceptors and Perth Ground Zero. There was even the occasional shout out for “calamari” referring to the guy in the Dare Iced Coffee commercials.


Apoc from Sydney Chiefs pulled off an impressive win in a 2 versus 1 battle in the 8th round to much applause. Melbourne Order returned the favour in the 11th round with Sico winning a 2v1 with pistols. Again, the 2v1 scenario played out in the 13th round but this time with rifles with Dizzylife from Sydney Chiefs winning it. The most exciting plays came from this third game and, when it was all over, Melbourne Order came out victorious.

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