MiBR welcomes YNk as new Head Coach

The former SK Gaming lineup, now Made in Brazil (MiBR) has announced that Analyst Yanko aka YNk will be their new Head Coach.

The Brazillian team MiBR, led by FalleN, have not had a coach since 2016. Their last coach zews, helped them win back to back Majors in 2016 but is now coaching Team Liquid. He was with them for their first Major win as Luminosity at MLG Columbus. Then for their next Major win at ESL One: Cologne as SK Gaming before leaving to Immortals shortly after. Since then, the team have been operating without a coach and had still been doing well despite no more Major wins.

SK Gaming win back to back Majors
SK Gaming win back to back Majors in 2016

Janko ‘YNk’ Paunović has been an Analyst on the desk at Counter-Strike events for some time now. He previously competed as a professional player in some Minor tournaments up until 2016. His knowledge of the game makes him a successful analyst who you could listen to talk about Counter-Strike for hours. Bringing his experience to the coaching role could certainly help MiBR get back into form.

The team now consists of in-game leader (IGL) FalleN, fer, coldzera, Stewie2k, Tarik who joined earlier this month and coach YNk.

Yanko is certainly being welcomed with open arms to the Brazillian team and we hope they have big things to come.