Australian Apex Legends Tournament Annoucned
Image Credit: Respawn/EA

If you’re an Australian Apex Legends player looking for some extra competition, you might be happy to hear that Apex Legends is having its first Australia-based tournament. Dubbed the Australian Apex Open, the online and PC exclusive event will run from April 15th to the 19th, is free to enter, and has an impressive $35,000 prize pool.

The Australian Apex Open will be hosted by the esports matchmaking platform ‘Mogul’ who recently partnered with the AFL-owned esports team, Legacy. As a platform that offers regular tournaments, Mogul breaks away from the traditional LAN format by hosting their tournaments online, giving more gamers a chance to compete.

Jamie Skella, Mogul’s Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, said in a press release: “The era of big cash prize tournaments being restricted to LAN is now behind us … we’re thrilled to bring the region its first major open event for Apex.”

The tournament will begin on the Monday with qualifying matches, requiring teams to compete in a minimum of four Apex Legends matches. There will be four weeks for qualifiers and five teams from each week will move to the next stage. Each game will generate points based on performance and placement, then the 20 teams that have the most points will move on to the knockout round and battle it out for a share of the prize money.

So if you think you have the skills to win, the good news is that if you place in the top 20 you’re guaranteed to win something. But the tournament champions will take home the lion’s share of the prize pool — a neat $15,000. A full break down of the prize money can also be found here.

As a game that has hit the 50 million player mark, Apex Legends is still relatively new in the esports world but it looks like the game’s fast-paced gameplay can still retain an audience — with Apex Legends still sitting towards the top end of the Twitch charts. With smaller tournaments for the game popping up globally, the Australian Apex Open looks to be another step towards seeing Apex Legends move into the competitive esports scene.

Registration is now open for the Aussie Apex Open, so why not grab some friends and give it a go!

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